Bob Mann Joins E-J Electric

Bob Mann, who graduated from Yale University in 1951 with honors in Electrical Engineering, joined E-J after a two year term in the U.S. Army Signal Corps specializing in sound and motion picture work. Under his leadership, E-J Electric expanded and evolved into one of the leading electrical contractors in the country.

Prisons, Court Houses and Correctional Facilities in the 1950’s

In the 1950’s, the company took advantage of an opportunity to develop the specialized know-how necessary for the design and installation of power, lighting, control, and security systems for correctional facilities. Projects such as the Brooklyn House of Detention and the Queens Court House and Prison gave E-J the responsibility for overall power distribution, as well as security systems, tamper-proof lighting, electric control of locks and other unique systems and equipment which were needed to conform to the overriding concern for maximum security. Throughout the 60’s, and 70’s, E-J Electric continued to sharpen its diverse skills through a variety of notable commercial, industrial, and institutional projects and the broad scope of its work included a number of unique installations. These projects ranged from providing power, lighting, and controls for Otto Preminger’s viewing room on East 64th Street in Manhattan, to designing and installing the first coordinated Sound and Light presentation at Independence Hall in Philadelphia, to wiring the original Neo-natal Intensive Care Unit at New York Hospital- Cornell Medical Center (including all the characteristic and intricate grounding, detectors, alarms, and computer power systems).

United Airlines Computerization in 120 Cities

In the 1970’s United Airlines decided to computerize its reservation system. They chose E-J Electric to direct and oversee the entire project because E-J was capable of producing significant savings over the use of factory-wired components and it could assume unit responsibility for the total assignment. E-J became the expert electrical contracting firm in the U.S. on installing nation-wide computerized reservation systems for airlines. This complicated job required the interconnection of 250 individual locations with 150 tons of data/comm equipment, using 12,000 miles of communication circuits. To accomplish this task, E-J entered into a joint venture arrangement with local NECA contractors for most of the contracts. To assure timely completion and uniform installation, step-by-step instructions were compiled for field personnel and a copy was provided to each of the cooperating contractors. E-J’s strategy was a key element in the successful, on-time completion of the entire project.

Wesleyan University and Consolidated Edison Projects

Educational facilities have been another area in which E-J Electric has acquired unique expertise. The company has completed projects as varied in scope and nature as the first Nuclear Power Laboratory in the US at Cornell University to the Cross Campus Library at Yale University to Beach Channel High School (where E-J was contracted to oversee the installation of power, lighting, and telephone systems for labs and administrative areas at the Oceanography Lab that was built on 20 acres of reclaimed land). Additional projects have included bulk distribution of medium-voltage and 600V power for such customers as Wesleyan University, the New York City Transit Authority, Consolidated Edison of New York, and the Long Island Railroad. Although many contracting firms are able to successfully design and install the more common place 600V systems and equipment, medium-voltage applications require a higher level of knowledge and skill, and E-J has repeatedly proven its competence in this particular aspect of electrical work. Energy Conservation and Cogeneration Design/Build projects have given owners and the public more value for their electrical dollar. An example of one of the more demanding contracts performed by E-J was the rehabilitation of the Long Island Railroad in Pennsylvania Station and the complete construction of major 13kV substations along the North Shore for LIRR power. During the entire period of the project, power was never interrupted for any train. This contract was managed under the watchful eye of Charles Chandesh, E-J’s Chief Engineer and Estimator for over thirty years. Several large Transit authority power projects were also contracted for during this time. These jobs were at the Coney Island Yards and at substations throughout New York City. Chandesh, who died in 1985, is still remembered as the leader in estimating training for the New York Electrical Industry.

E-J Expanded Operations and Cogeneration

As a leader in cogeneration E-J completed turn-key projects for Sealcap Manufacturing in Long Island City, a major 42nd Street office building and Rockefeller University.  In order to keep pace with spiraling growth and changes in the market during the 80’s, management at E-J decided to structure new operations that would concentrate on emerging industry trends: owners’ representation on the complete construction package and data/communication networking.