About E-J

About E-J Electric Installation Co.

E-J Electric Installation Co. is active in all facets of electrical contracting in the New York, New Jersey, Connecticut area as well as nationally. Projects vary in size from service and maintenance calls to projects over $300 million. Typical installations include transit facilities, office buildings, power plants, hospitals, financial services, mission critical, data centers, co-generation facilities, airports, universities, theaters, sports stadiums, roadway and outdoor specialties, and high-voltage distribution and substations.

At E-J Electric Installation Co., three family generations of practical expertise have created an organization keyed to the most modern technological advances in providing rapid and efficient solutions to today’s lighting, power, energy and communication needs. E-J has a 123-year reputation for unparalleled integrity, quality and service in the electrical field, with over 1,200 employees and an annual sales volume exceeding $650,000,000.

A Tradition of Leadership in New Technology and its Application

E-J Electric Installation Company was established in 1899. During the past century, we have created an outstanding reputation for the development of expertise in all emerging electrical technologies and their applications. This determination to lead, instead of to follow, has been the cornerstone of the growth and success of E-J Electric throughout our long and distinguished history.

As a result of its “leading edge” philosophy, E-J is today an unusually versatile company, offering services ranging from the delivery of bulk power, to value engineering, to energy conservation, to computer networking in both new or existing buildings and facilities. E-J Electric and its affiliates provide the design, layout, project supervision, and installation expertise necessary to assure a highly reliable, economical, state-of-the-art installation that meets the individual needs of each client.