Owner: NYC Board of Education

Location: 108 Amsterdam Avenue New York , NY

Client: Morrison Knudson

Value: $11,000,000


The installation of state-of-the-art auditorium and theatre as final step in completing the country’s leading Performing Arts High School. Work included all stage lighting, control systems, the installation of a 200kW generator to provide power to critical school loads, a fire alarm system and security installation.

Owner: Brooklyn College

Location: 2900 Bedford Avenue Brooklyn , NY

Client: Turner Construction Co.

Value: $2,352,000


Fast track take-over project for bonding company of a multi-building fire alarm system installation. The Simplex fire alarm system was the final part of a new construction project required to obtain certificate of occupancy for the owners.

Owner: NYC School Construction Authority

Location: 330 Rugby Road Brooklyn , NY

Client: Travelers Insurance

Value: $850,000

PS 139

General Contractor for the completion of default contract of PS 139 in Brooklyn. Masonry, roof, electrical and window repair work were included in the project scope.

Owner: Rockefeller University

Location: 1230 York Avenue New York , NY

Client: Rockefeller University

Value: $1,200,000


Multiple medical laboratory installations including sensitive ground fault power, coldroom controls, darkroom and surgery lighting, and fire, security, and computer networking systems. Installation of outdoor substation including 1000kVA transformer to provide emergency backup for critical loads.

Owner: Mount Sinai Health System

Location: 5 East 98th Street New York , NY

Client: Mount Sinai Health System

Value: $4,200,000


As a Prime Contractor on this project, our scope included all electrical and general construction work required to furnish and install two new 1500kW generators, complete with Zenith automatic synchronization switchgear, ten automatic transfer switches and a new 20,000-gallon fuel oil tank. This equipment was installed in a fully functional hospital and research facility without disruption of day to day operations. The power distribution from the generator consists of the installation of over 15,000 feet of 3 ½” conduit and 50,000 feet of cable from the third sub-basement generator room to the main service room on the 9th floor and a conduit system up to the 27th floor.

Due to space restrictions, the generators and 3,000 ampere transfer switch had to be disassembled and reassembled. The vertical risers required the use of a bosum’s chair for access into the available riser space. The project was completed in approximately 10 months from start to finish.

Owner: New York City

Location: 445 W59th Street New York , NY

Client: Turner Construction

Value: $5,500,000


Complete installation for new campus on West Side of New York City with classrooms, theater, and athletic facilities.

Owner: Columbia University

Location: Columbia University Campus New York , NY

Client: Columbia University

Value: $3,000,000


Design/build, including all electrical and mechanical aspects, of auxiliary generation network for seventeen buildings. Field engineering, scheduling, coordination, and installation of fire alarm and emergency lighting systems in thirty functioning buildings.

E-J Electric was awarded a design/build contract to provide emergency power to seventeen buildings throughout the Columbia University Complex, after offering an alternative design to meet the University’s budgets. E-J changed the original concept from central generators to remote package units, drastically cutting down on power distribution and mechanical costs while maintaining the integrity of this critical system.

The other major aspect of this contract was fire alarm upgrades or replacements in over thirty buildings. Certain buildings received totally new systems, some buildings received elevator recall systems, but almost all required power feed modifications to bring the systems into code compliance.

Throughout this project, critical aspects such as landmark status, asbestos, usage (school, theatre, etc…) and installation noise had to be considered. E-J was also involved with the filing of the project with the DOB, Fire Department and Bureau of Electrical Control, as well as other mechanical and electrical code related issues.

Owner: Pace University

Location: Wright Cottage, 861 Bedford Rd Pleasantville , NY

Client: Pace University

Value: $2,700,000


E-J acted as a rrime contractor for general construction items, HVAC work, electrical feeder upgrade for the building, new generator, new distribution and branch circuitry for two new electronic classrooms and upgraded the voice, data and CATV system throughout the building. This fast track project was performed during the University’s Christmas holiday and was complete before the students returned.

Owner: NYC School Construction Authority

Location: 75 Broad Street New York , NY

Client: Sciame Construction Co.

Value: $1,414,396


Millenium High School was a fast track design build project. It was the first High School located in a high-rise building on the 13th floor. Work included general electrical installation, communication, data, fire alarm and 1600, 800& 600 amp distribution boards.

Owner: Columbia University

Location: 435 W116th Street New York , NY

Client: Sciame Construction

Value: $1,300,000


Two story Law School Seminar Rooms and Library. Fast track project installing dimming system, fire alarm, lighting and power.

Owner: Greenwich Country Day School

Location: 200 Old Church Road Greenwich , CT

Client: Pavarini Construction Co.

Value: $1,143,151


A multiphase private school renovation and addition. E-J worked with the construction team from the design development stage providing budgeting, scheduling, logistics information and installed a temporary infrastructure system including power, CATV, voice services and fiber optic data services. The project consisted of underground high voltage and secondary feeders, new power, lighting, voice and data communication systems, fire alarm systems, intercom systems, paging systems, scoreboard systems, stage dimming systems, and motorized backboard systems. The work included new classrooms, renovations to existing classrooms, new main entrance, new gathering center/gymnasium, renovations to two existing gymnasiums, locker room renovations, science building renovations and state-of-the-art video conferencing center/computer lab.

Owner: Kings College

Location: Empire State Bldg. New York , NY

Client: Quadrant Construction

Value: $1,100,000


Retrofitted basement of Empire State Building for new classroom space.

Owner: Pace University

Location: White Plains, NY

Client: Pace University

Value: $1,000,000


Owner: Riverdale Country Day School

Location: 5250 Fieldston Rd. Bronx , NY

Client: Sciame Construction Co.

Value: $1,000,000


Renovation of two buildings in Riverdale Country Day School. The Lindenbaum Center was a building renovation where we provided new service, lighting, power, fire alarm system, and mechanical equipment hookups. The Auditorium and Theater was a building renovation which included installation of new service equipment, lighting, power, fire alarm, equipment wiring and theater lighting controls.

Owner: NYC School Construction Authority

Location: 1025 Eastern Parkway Brooklyn , NY

Client: Travelers Insurance

Value: $700,000

PS 167

General Contractor for the completion of default contract. Completion of masonry, roof, window repair work and punch list were included in the project scope.

Owner: Wilton School Systems

Location: Wilton, CT

Client: Wilton School Systems

Value: $100,000


Extensive underground backbone installation linking five schools within a square mile. Registered SIECOR EWP installation.

Owner: Columbia University

Client: Gazetten

Value: $2,714,000


The architectural centerpiece of the Columbia University’s campus is the Low Memorial Library. Built in the Roman classical style, it appears in the New York City Register of Historic Places. The building today houses the University’s central administration offices and the visitor’s center.  E-J has a long history of working with Columbia University in renovating and improving their historical campus.  When the infrastructure needed to be replaced and the phased interior renovation started in their premier facility E-J was called to perform.  The project included complete replacement and upgrading of the building’s mechanicals including new normal and emergency power electrical feeds and replacement of the fire alarm equipment.   The project also included renovation of ¼ of the facilities offices including the University’s President and Provost Offices.  Highlights of the project was the fire alarm installation which included replacing all core devices and wiring with no damage to the historical interior, horizontal core drilling of (12) 8 holes thru the 9′ wide stone ruble foundation walls, and working in and maintaining one Columbia University’s high profile entertainment facilities through graduation and inauguration of their new President.

Owner: Rockefeller University

Location: 1230 York Avenue New York , NY

Client: Morgan Contracting

Value: $5,000,000


Multiple medical laboratory installations including sensitive ground fault power, coldroom controls, darkroom and surgery lighting, and fire, security, and computer networking systems. Installation of outdoor substation including 1000kVA transformer to provide emergency backup for critical loads.

Columbia University Butler Library

Owner: Columbia University

Location: 535 W 114th Street New York , NY

Client: Gazetten Contracting

Value: $9,500,000


Phased renovation to Columbia’s historic central library. All work was performed while maintaining the library’s normal operations. New power and systems were installed throughout the entire building including library areas, stacks and mechanical spaces. New lighting included 4800 architectural and chandelier fixtures. Systems included Fire Alarm, telephones and data.

Owner: Greenwich Academy

Location: 200 North Maple Avenue Greenwich , CT

Client: Turner Construction Co.

Value: $1,966,326


New construction of architecturally significant Upper School Classroom Building for this prestigious all girls school in Greenwich, CT. Specialty lighting using light shafts highlighted this spectacular building. E-J’s work included all electrical installations and communications systems in the three floors of the building.

Owner: Rutgers University

Location: 77 Halsey Street Newark , NJ

Client: Henderson Corp.

Value: $380,000


Six Story building with two IDF’s on each floor. Installed 4,000 runs throughout the entire building including fiber to every IDF and main voice runs from Main MDF to all IDF’s.

Owner: Long Island University

Location: Flatbush & Delkab Avenue Brooklyn , NY

Client: Bovis Construction Co.

Value: $250,000


New five story Health Science Building at the Brooklyn campus with new classrooms, audio visual lecture halls, and rehabilitation medicine laboratories. Installation of voice, data and CATV to each of 250 locations distributed throughout the building. A 100 pair voice riser, a 12 strand fiber optic riser, category 5 copper riser and CATV riser was installed to an IDF located on each of the five floors and terminated at the main distribution frame located in the basement. An interbuilding cabling system was installed to connect the new building to the existing campus’ voice and data infrastructure. The cabling consisted of both fiber optic & copper media carrying voice, data, security, video and CATV services between the buildings. Provided full test and as-built documentation for all medias as well as providing an AT&T SYSTIMAX SCS Warranty.