Croton WTP Plant

Owner: NYC Department of Environmental Protection

Location: Jerome Avenue Bronx , NY

Client: Schlesinger-Siemens

Value: $150,000,000


The Croton Water Treatment Plant is a clean water treatment plant located in the Bronx, and is the largest public works project in the history of NYC.  E-J was selected from amongst the largest and best known electrical contractors in New York City to take over and complete the Croton Water Treatment Plant Project.  E-J’s engineering centered approach to project execution, extensive successful large project experience and a world class team ready to go to work were the primary differentiators that earned E-J the contract.

Upon its completion, the Croton Project will supply 10 percent of New York City drinking water and will have the capacity to treat 1.2 million cubic meters of water per day, improving the quality of the drinking water.

E-J was responsible for all low and medium voltage electrical distribution, controls and auxiliary and life safety systems procurement, integration, design and installation.  The electrical installations included the following quantities and engaged more than 250 IBEW Local 3 Craftsmen:

>10M Linear Feet of Wire and Cable

>1.4M Linear Feet of Conduit

>20,650 Linear Feet of Cable Tray


Owner: Covanta Energy Corp

Location: Raymond Blvd Newark , NJ

Client: DURR Mechanical

Value: $11,696,091


Astoria II - Birds eye view

Owner: GDF/Suez

Location: 17-10 Steinway Street Astoria , NY

Client: SNC Lavalin

Value: $92,000,000


The Astoria Energy Phase II Expansion Project added a new 540MW to the 1000MW facility, consisting of 2 GE Frame 7FA Gas Turbines and 1 GE D11 Steam Turbine Generator. E-J’s complete scope included 345kV overhead lines and GIS switchgear, PDC’s throughout the plant, air cooled condenser, HRSG, GIS bus, fire alarm, and all electrical work for instrumentation. Installation included 100,000 ft of underground conduit, 100 miles of electrical cable and 25 miles of above ground conduit.

E-J supported the EPC contractor with design assist starting 12 months before construction. During the design phase, the EPC contractor’s electrical designers incorporated E-J’s vast power plant knowledge by working hand in hand with E-J’s engineering team at their home office.

Because of the project’s fast track schedule, E-J was tasked to complete the Above Ground Electrical package within 10 months. Due to the compressed schedule and small plot of land, E-J employed “just in time deliveries” and worked multiple shifts in order to meet deadlines.

PSEG Kearny Peak

Owner: PSEG

Location: 118 N. Hackensack Kearny , NJ

Client: PSEG

Value: $42,087,000


Installation of (6) six new General Electric LM-6000 PC Sprint aero-derivative gas turbines with SSS Clutch, and balance of plant facilities operating in simple cycle mode. Upgrade will provide an additional 300-megawatts of power to the neighboring communities during the peak demand periods and subsidize the base load plants.  Other installations include medium voltage switchgear and cabling, control and instrumentation systems as well as lighting, heat trace, lightning protection and security systems.

PSEG New Haven 150 MW Peaking Plant

Owner: PSEG

Location: 600 Connecticut Avenue New Haven , CT

Client: PSEG

Value: $22,770,000


Installation of (3) three GE LM6000 Natural Gas Turbine Peaking Plants.  The plant was designed to provide an additional 150 mega-watts of power to the neighboring communities during the peak demand periods and subsidize the base load plants.  Other installations include medium voltage switchgear and cabling, control and instrumentation systems as well as lighting, heat trace, lightning protection and security systems.

Hunts Point Wastewater Treatment Plant

Owner: NYC Department of Environmental Protection

Location: Hunts Point Wastewater Treatment Plant Bronx , NY

Value: $5,495,000


The Hunts Point Wastewater Treatment Plant is one of the largest of New York City’s 14 water pollution control plants. The plant treats wastewater from a 16,000-acre area located in the northeast part of the Bronx and has a dry weather flow capacity of 200 million gallons per day and a peak wet weather capacity of 400 million gallons per day.  The project included numerous plant automations and the installation of a polymer addition system to upgrade the plant to comply with federal and state water quality controls in the east river

Electrical work upgrades and installations included new MCC equipment, outdoor distribution center to power existing buildings, lighting and a 480v sub-distribution in various buildings located throughout the plant.  The various systems installed included lightning protection, security and heat trace, all located in Class 1 Division 1 environments.

E-J was additionally responsible for the development and implementation of a Health and Safety Plan (HASP). The discovery of lead and asbestos throughout the project forced the team to remain solution oriented to push the project forward, while maintaining high safety standards and contract required remediation.

Owner: Astoria Energy LLC

Location: 17-10 Steinway Stree Astoria, Queens

Client: Shaw Stone & Webster

Value: $57,000,000


A new 500 megawatt highly efficient electric generating facility using state-of-the-art combined-cycle, technology and air pollution control systems. The major equipment includes combustion turbines, heat recovery steam generators, air pollution controls and steam turbines. The facility uses air cooled condensers for the cooling system to significantly minimize water consumption. Natural gas is the primary source of fuel with low sulfur distillate fuel oil serving as a backup fuel for up to 720 hours annually. The Plant, located in the Queens load pocket, utilizes the transmission facilities at the existing Con Edison Astoria East Substation approximately one-half mile from the site to deliver clean, reliable electricity to New York City and the surrounding region.

NYPA 500MW Poletti Power Plant

Owner: New York Power Authority

Location: 31-03 20th Avenue Astoria, Queens

Client: Slattery Skanska

Value: $82,000,000


The work at the NYPA500 project included the erection, installation and testing of (2) 200MVA GSU, (1) 234MVA GSU and (2) auxiliary transformers, in addition to the installation and testing of (1) isolation transformer and (3) excitation transformers.

Dead end and PT structures along with associated 138kV switches were constructed to connect two of the three GSU transformers to the overhead transmission lines fed from the Astoria West substation. For design diversity, a pothead structure along with the associated switches was assembled to connect the third GSU to an underground 138kV feed which was also derived from the Astoria West ring bus.

The low side of these GSU transformers utilized a field welded 18kV Isophase bus to make the necessary connections to the combustion turbine and steam turbine generators as well as the auxiliary transformers. Power from the auxiliary transformers was delivered to the 4160V switchgear via a 5kV cable bus.

Owner: Florida Light & Power

Location: Far Rockaway, Queens

Client: Foster Wheeler

Value: $6,295,000


E-J was brought into this Peaking Plant project with only 8 weeks remaining when the existing contractor couldn’t perform. Florida Light & Power committed to sell electricity, with financial penalties if the date wasn’t met. E-J mobilized sixty electricians within two weeks, including engineering and project management staff. The 8 week fast track installation of a Pratt Whitney FT-8 twinpack 50-megawatt, gas fired simple cycle peaking unit included turbines, site work, feeders and all associated balance of plant systems. These systems included de-mineralized water, CEM’s, SCR, gas compressor, oily water separators and switchgear from 120V to 69kV. In addition, E-J was also responsible for the installation of site lighting, heat trace, grounding lightning protection, cathodic protection, fire detection and protection, gas detection and all low voltage communication systems such as telephone, CAT 5 and fiber optic WAN/LAN Systems.

Owner: Con Edison

Location: 1st Avenue & 39th Street New York , NY

Client: Con Edison

Value: $2,700,000


Electrical installation of Asea Brown Boveri Turbine including all controls, LAN and 13.8kV Iso phase bus duct and switchgear.

Owner: NYC Development Corporation

Location: 140-58th Street Brooklyn , Brooklyn

Client: Turner Construction Co.

Value: $1,900,000


Installation of (6) 27kV vaults and network compartments servicing Brooklyn Army Terminal including (3) 2500kVA transformers with associated collector bus, network protectors, switchgear and feeders, ventilation control and alarm systems.

Owner: Visy Paper

Location: 44-35 Victory Blvd. Staten Island , NY

Client: Visy Paper

Value: $4,200,000


An 850 ton per day recycled paper mill, Visy Paper Project is designed for truck and barge delivered waste paper from New York City. The Process Building including stock preparation, paper machine and reel storage area is 1100 feet long, 80 feet wide and 80 feet high. The project included power (5kV) from substation to 5kV distribution in plant including all 5kV motors, Six unit substations 5kV/480V, two unit substations 5kV/575V, temporary power system, duct bank system, twelve motor control centers, six variable frequency drive motor control centers, installation of all loose shipped motors, installation of 9,000 feet of cable tray, all power conduit and cable, fire protection, All process area lighting and distribution, 5kV service, five substations, MCC’s, 5kV starters and VFD’s (distribution by cable tray).

Owner: DQE

Location: 100 Muldoon Avenue Staten Island

Client: DQE

Value: $7,650,000


New Methane Recovery Plant at the Freshkills Landfill in Staten Island. The electrical installation included two new methane Krysol processing systems and the upgrade of the existing Solexol plant and remote flare stations. The installation consisted of a new 15kV service with associated unit substations, MCC’s and instrumentation. There were eight methane powered generators connected to independently power the processing plant.

Owner: Gate Gourmet

Location: Inwood, NY

Client: VRH Construction

Value: $3,650,000


Existing warehouse building converted to Aviation food service facility. We installed new service and power distribution including new lighting, office space and fire alarm system. The scope also included the complete renovation of existing trucking warehouse into food service facility with large drive-in freezers, coolers, chilled food preparation area, cook line and dishwashing lines. Installation of extensive life safety system included a VESDA system.

Owner: City of NY, Dept. of Environmental Protection

Location: 45th Street & Berrian Blvd. Astoria, Queens

Client: XL Surety

Value: $63,500,000


E-J Electric Installation was proud to have been selected for the completion of the electrical work for the upgrade of the Bowery Bay Water Pollution Control Plant. The project includes a $90 Million electrical component that was 12% complete when E-J took the project over for XL Surety, the Bonding company of the previous contractor. Included in the scope are medium voltage distribution, switchgear and substations spread over the 40-plus acre site and the conversion of the 208volt electrical distribution system to 480volt. Exacting specifications, a congested site and the necessity to keep the plant in operation, coupled with a demanding owner are some of the challenges that E-J Electric is overcoming on a daily basis.

Owner: Metropolitan US Postal Authority

Location: 7 9th Avenue New York , NY

Client: Crow Construction Co.

Value: $16,000,000


New 800,000 sq. ft. mechanization facility required as an extension of the existing Morgan Station. The project involves a high level of coordination and intense scheduling. Our installation involves a 480 volt Con-Edison service and distribution, lighting, fire alarm, temperature control, security systems and a 400kW generator.

As a member of the design/build team, we continued to evaluate time and cost saving ideas as the construction progressed, completing the project on time and under budget.

Owner: NY Post

Location: 900 East 132nd Street Bronx , NY

Client: T.W. Davis

Value: $3,700,000


Power and control wiring for four new “GOSS” printing presses. Each press consisted of seven printing stacks. Installed over 2 million feet of power and control cables in 6000 feet of cable tray.

Owner: Federal Express

Location: 34th Street New York , NY

Client: JM Dennis

Value: $1,400,000


Complete electrical fast track renovation of Fed-Ex 75,000 sq. foot packaging facility installation includes service modification, a new 600kW emergency generator and emergency backup system, lighting and power distribution, fire alarm control system, and renovation of office space.

Owner: NYC Dept. of Transportation

Location: College Point New York , NY

Client: Meridian

Value: $285,000


E-J was awarded a lump sum completion project by Colonia Insurance to replace the existing contractor. The bus maintenance and Service facility for the Department of Transportation consisted of central office and bus cleaning facility, refueling and total maintenance garage, CNG bus refueling plant, and outside lighting. The project included two complete buildings with separate 2000 Amp service and distribution including overhead distribution installation, connection and testing of all maintenance equipment, Public Address system, fire alarm system, security system, and lighting.

Owner: Port Authority of NY & NJ

Location: Holland Tunnel - NY and NJ sides & NY & NJ River & Land Buildings

Client: T. Moriarity & Son, Inc.

Value: $28,000,000


Furnish & install 13.8kV, 480V, 120/208V distribution equipment and feeders & circuitry. Furnish & install UPS, fiber optic, direct transfer trip and automatic control systems and motor work.

Rehabilitation of all electrical and mechanical ventilation equipment. This project is the total replacement of a fully redundant electrical and mechanical system for the ventilation of the Holland Tunnel. Equipment being replaced is medium voltage switchgear, 480V switchgear and motor control centers. This equipment resides in four buildings, two New York, two in New Jersey. Equipment removals and replacements must be staged perfectly so that there is no interruption to tunnel service.

Owner: Metropolitan Transportation Authority

Location: 9302 Archer Avenue Jamaica , NY

Client: Parsons Brinckerhoff/Morris Knudsen

Value: $22,600,000


E-J was chosen for our experience, reputation and engineering to perform the electrical installation at the, fifteen acre, Long Island Railroad’s Hillside Car Maintenance Facility. This $22 million time and material contract teamed E-J Electric with the Long Island Railroad, the construction manager, and the engineer in developing the most cost efficient method to complete systems ranging from Robotics to train motion alarm systems. All cost savings were returned to the Long Island Railroad. Their confidence in us was demonstrated by their doubling the original scope of our contract to include the most complex systems.

Specialty items on the job included signal work, train motion detection systems, rail lighting, forty foot high industrial lighting, public address, security, and fire alarm systems, automatic temperature control multiplex system, automated material handling robotics system, conveyer system, certified broadband communication cable, and a complete DC power distribution system including traction, trolley and auxiliary power systems.