E-J is a leader in transit projects in the New York area. Our extensive work with the MTA brings experience to each project.

Jay Lender is the General Manager of E-J Electric’s Transit Division. He is responsible for all the Transit Work at E-J Electric from estimating to engineering and project management. Mr. Lender has over 30 years of experience in performing work in the New York City Subway System. Jay is a graduate of Fairleigh Dickinson University and holds a Bachelors Degree in Electrical Engineering (BSEE). Jay also holds a Master Electrician’s License in the City of New York.

Areas of Expertise include:

  • Station Modernizations
  • Substations
  • Signal Work
  • Communications
  • Maintenance Buildings

E-J’s Transit Division can be accessed by contacting Jay Lender
225 West 35th Street, 9th Floor
New York , NY 10001 
Phone: 718-786-9400 
Email: jlender@ej1899.com

Owner: NYC Transit

Location: Nevins Street & Flatbush Avenue Brooklyn , NY

Client: NYC Transit

Value: $1,866,000


Working as Prime contractor to NYCT.  Scope of work included the management of all shop drawing/clearance drawings, and the processing of all requests for NYCT services. Coordinated all general outages with construction managers office; Held weekly meetings with signal engineers/signalmen and NYCT to ensure a timely and efficient tie-in and test of new signal devices into existing system.

2nd Ave Tunnels 96th st

Owner: MTA

Location: 2nd Avenue & 96th Street New York , NY

Client: S3

Value: $4,489,000


Installation of a 15kV Substation at 96th street and 2nd Avenue. This substation has four 3MVA switchgear lineups to provide power to: 1) a tunnel boring machine (TBM) that will bore two tunnels from 96th Street to 63rd Street; 2) 1000kVA switchgear and distribution for the 96th Street dewatering plant; and 3) the EDR. The EDR (electrical distribution room) is a complete 1500kVA switchgear distribution center inside the 800 foot long by 80 foot wide by 80 foot deep excavation where the TBM will start its boring, called Launch Box.

Owner: NYC Transit

Location: Dey Street Concourse New York , NY

Client: Skanska

Value: $5,400,000


This new underground passageway will allow the public to walk from various existing subway lines to the new Transportation Hub at the World Trade Center Site.  E-J’s scope includes new lighting and power in the passageway as well as several new state of the art communication systems.

Owner: NYC Transit

Location: Brooklyn , NY

Client: John Civetta & Sons

Value: $5,575,000


Construction of a new entranceway from the Barclay’s Center Arena into the existing Atlantic Avenue Subway Station.

E-J’s scope includes station lighting and power as well as the installation of new communication systems in connection with the existing systems presently in the station.  These communication systems include fire detection/alarm systems, CCTV equipment, sound powered telephones, station public address system and a wireless system (Radiax Antenna).   Other installations include lighting fixtures, panels, switchgear, transformers and disconnect switches, electrical installation of two escalators and one elevator, electrical heat trace system, heaters, AFC wiring for NYCT fare collection and instrumentation and controls for pumps, fans and motors.

Atlantic Yards

Owner: NYC Transit

Location: Brooklyn , NY

Client: Forest City Ratner

Value: $6,400,000


Installation of traction power and signal ductbanks to completely modify and enhance the present yard. Also provided in the project are SPET pumps, lighting to illuminate the entire yard, control panels, and snowmelting equipment, as well as conduit for future communication, control, and power use. Through extensive coordination and the use of 3D modeling, E-J Electric transformed the current yard from four tracks to seven. This allowed for not just the yard, but the surrounding area to be improved significantly, as new residential and commercial buildings will be built above the tracks.

Owner: Metro North

Client: Skanska USA

Value: $8,700,000


The Harmon Yard construction upgrade includes a new 15kV distribution loop, all new third rail power distribution, new track snow melting systems, site communications, and site lighting throughout the entire one and a half mile long site.   The infrastructure supports two new Metro North repair facilities – a new Locomotive repair shop and a new Coach repair shop.  Additionally, several new track segments were installed and all 700VDC track segmenting and switching schemes were installed by E-J.