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Owner: United Nations

Location: 42nd Street & 1st Avenue New York , NY

Client: United Nations

Value: $80,000,000


The United Nations contracted E-J to maintain electrical, electronic, broadcasting and communications systems throughout the New York Headquarters. An engineering staff and a workforce of over 140 electricians and technicians were permanently on site. E-J budgeted all proposed projects and reviewed the design from an engineering standpoint before installation. We varied the size of our workforce to meet changing requirements. Our staff also worked on long term projects and the redesign of systems to improve efficiency and reduce costs. We brought Con-Edison energy saving/rebate programs to the facility and constantly discussed new technology (from lighting controls and premises distribution to simultaneous translation). We continuously deliver multi-faceted projects for the UN. Working in active occupied spaces while minimizing impacts to UN diplomatic and organizational operations.

Owner: USTA

Location: Flushing Meadow Corona Park Flushing , NY

Client: Turner Construction Co.

Value: $12,000,000


The National Tennis Center is the home of the annual US Open Tennis Championship. This project was the expansion and redevelopment of a forty-two acre site with the new 23,000 seat Arthur Ashe Stadium as its centerpiece. Installation of all Low-Voltage Systems including Broadcast TV/Radio, Scoring, Internal Cable TV System, Internal Audio, Voice, and Computer Networking. This project was a turnkey project and included the cabling system as well as the active components. The cable plant consists of over 2.2 million feet (415 miles) of high performance cable with over 80,000 terminations. E-J also designed and implemented a fiber optic network for the entire campus on behalf of the USTA.

Expansion and redevelopment of the USTA National Tennis Center in Flushing Meadows Park, the home of the annual US Open Grand Slam Championship Tournament. The existing site is 17.3 acres and is being expanded by 24.9 acres consisting of a new 23,000 seat Arthur Ashe Stadium, fifteen site courts, nine new practice courts, a new food court and renovations to the existing stadium.

E-J’s scope included the installation of turnkey multi-media systems, covering network (CBS & International) broadcast, internal cable TV distribution, scoring systems and audio capabilities covering telephone, umpire, and scorekeeper announcements. Systems supplied include television head end equipment, remote fiber optic cameras, outdoor high capacity loudspeakers and all electronic equipment.


The broadcast system installed by E-J is used by CBS/USA-TV and all major foreign networks for full coverage of the US Open . The stadium also contains six TV studios, three interview rooms, thirty TV broadcast booths and ten radio broadcast booths. The stadium has full camera coverage with camera platforms. Camera boxes are each equipped with multiple custom-made Triax, Precision Video, Coax, and Audio Cables runback to the teleproduction area. This teleproduction area is linked via a fiber optic network back to a remote satellite up link site.

The site has four show courts with full broadcast capabilities. The show courts also have fixed cameras with a fiber optic link to the TV head end system in the stadium for broadcasters to view on air matches without need for a crew. It is also fed into the internal TV distribution.


The USTA campus contains a dedicated cable TV system. Its’ five miles of Broadband trunk cable & eighteen miles of TV drop cable feed over 1000 TV’s throughout the site with a variety of programming choices. This state of the art 750MHz system is capable of generating over 117 channels from a multitude of sources, including direct feeds from the many cameras placed throughout the stadium, as well as regular broadcast TV, financial news and a variety of movie choices.


The Audio system is comprised of many stand alone sub systems, which are linked together via a computer controlled digital audio matrix custom programmed by E-J. This 15,000 watt system is carried throughout the complex as a second audio program (SAP) distributed on the cable TV system.

In addition, the audio system generates the output for the speech reinforcement of the umpire and scorekeeper on Stadium Court and the show courts. Outdoor loudspeaker systems are used for this and are sized based on coverage area.

The audio system also distributes audio signals for broadcasters use. These signals are umpire, scorekeeper, ambient sound, and interview room feeds.


All courts including Stadium Court are fed back to main scoring computer room in new stadium. Scoreboards are throughout campus. Scores and statistics are relayed to all scoreboards. The Information Display System (IDS) maintains all scores and statistics for all matches including those in progress on site and is updated in real time.

All courts (including stadium) are equipped with clocks, scoreboards and radar guns that tie into scoring system.

Throughout the site PCs tied in to systems can retrieve match statistics on current or past matches.
The scoring system is tied together on the USTA Fiber Optic Network and is the first permanent scoring system of its kind.


Five miles of Fiber Optic Cables tie the entire campus together supporting multiple applications.

E-J designed and implemented this Siecor fiber optic network to support systems including Video, Audio, scoring, point of sale, USTA Intranet and gateway to the internet.


The telephone cable plant, a certified Lucent/AT&T Systimax Structured Cabling System, is fully distributed to the entire campus. The new stadium houses the USTA’s upgraded Northern Telecom PBX system. The stadium will have four telephone closets per level. Riser cabling emanates from the PBX room. Telephone stations are run for back office, media rooms, private suites, broadcast booths and pay phones throughout stadium.

For the site, feeders are run from stadium PBX to hubs throughout site for distribution to field courts, outbuildings, pay phones, teleproduction area, and corporate hospitality areas. All site work is outside plant with power protection on all cable terminations.

This system is cabled to provide over 14,000 telephone lines in its current configuration. This telephone system will support many applications including analog voice (POTS), digital voice, ISDN, IEEE802.3 Ethernet, IEEE 802.5 Token Ring, and RS232D. E-J, a Lucent SCS VAR, has provided the USTA with a fifteen year performance warranty for this cabling plant.

Owner: General Electric

Location: 30 Rockefeller Plaza New York , NY

Client: NBC

Value: $1,300,000


E-J installed a life safety system in studio building and office portion and also updated existing electrical services and distribution. Broadcast requirements involved working around live shows.

Owner: CBS

Location: 524 W57th Street New York , NY

Client: CBS

Value: $500,000


60 Minutes Studio and Control Room and Emergency Power Expansion were two major projects performed by E-J. The first project was the electrical installation of the new studio and conversion of the Production Room to a new Control Room. E-J was the prime contractor for all trades involved in the installation of a 2000kW of emergency power via two generator sets and a dual voltage switchboard. Systems included Critical power systems, studio related lighting and control systems.

Owner: NBC

Location: 30 Rockefeller Plaza New York , NY

Client: NBC

Value: $125,000


Installation of control system and a 30kVA UPS in this hi-rise building.

Owner: New York Mets

Location: 1271 Sixth Ave New York , NY

Client: Sciame

Value: $250,000


New sports studio on street level with glass to viewing public for the NY Mets and NY Jets. The project included all power and lighting for production room, green room and office area. E-J also performed wiring to all equipment room racks.

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Owner: Entertainment Development Group

Location: 1540 Broadway New York , NY

Client: Sciame

Value: $2,600,000


Renovation of tenant space, high end arcade and bar in Times Square including new lighting, neon, specialty fixtures, audio/visual equipment installation, fire alarm and switchgear.

Owner: City of New York Parks Department

Location: Flushing Meadow Park Corona , NY

Client: City of New York Parks Department

Value: $4,360,000


Electrical maintenance of all electrical systems and scoreboards including Diamond Vision. Maintenance includes field electrical maintenance, audio-visual hook-ups with affiliated TV, radio, electronic signs, concession stands, lighting and new construction in the Stadium. Also completed five major projects in the Stadium.

E-J provides year round maintenance for the stadium including all labor, material and equipment. Maintenance includes the operation of all scoreboards, Diamond Vision, electronic signs and concession stands in the stadium.

We also provide maintenance to The NY Mets. We are responsible for all media hook-ups in and outside the stadium for radio, TV and cable.

We have just concluded the replacement of all the main feeders (42 sets of 4-1 million MCM cable underground) along with the entire replacement of (6) 4000 amp main switches. Installed new 350kW generator to new location and the completion of the replacement and re-engineering of new field lighting.

E-J has been renewed their award of multi-year contracts along with a high recommendation from stadium operations.

United Nations

Owner: United Nations

Location: 42nd Street & 1st Avenue New York , NY

Client: BBC

Value: $130,000


Complete renovation and retrofit of radio studio #5 at the United Nations including architectural, mechanical, electrical, accoustical and telecommunications installation. Design Build project coordinating directly with London based BBC project management.