Barclays Center

Owner: Forest City Ratner

Location: Atlantic & Flatbush Avenues Brooklyn , NY

Client: Hunt Construction

Value: $62,000,000


The 675,000-square-foot sports and entertainment facility can seat about 18,000 for basketball games and nearly 20,000 for concerts. Also the home of the Brooklyn Nets, Barclays Center features high-definition video, a superb sound system, live video streaming capability, more than 1000 flat-panel HDTVs, Advanced AV, high-speed WiFi and mobile interactivity all designed and installed by E-J Electric and our subcontractors.

The clubs and luxury suites are fitted with large LED-backlit LCD TVs. The 40/40 Club & Restaurant features eight Sharp 80-inch HDTVs mounted on the exterior of the central bar in addition to several smaller sets mounted inside the drink prep area.  The Cisco network provides the new arena with integrated control of wired and wireless Ethernet, surveillance, sound, video, IPTV, ticketing and POS and can support enormous amounts of WiFi use and high-definition video content.  The IPTV network extends throughout the venue. The clubs feature iPads and independent Creston control systems enabling users to control program volume for input sources, mic/line volume for local inputs, and source selection and IPTV control.

The venue, opened at the end of September 2012, is owned and was developed by Forest City Ratner Companies.  Hunt Construction was Construction Manager, WSP / Flack & Kurtz Engineers, Ellerbe Becket, Inc. Architect, SHoP Architects, and E-J Electric managed the creation of an incredibly complex electrical and telecommunications infrastructure.

Owner: British Airways

Location: Rockaway Blvd. off of JFK Airport Springfield Gardens , NY

Client: VRH

Value: $8,000,000


Performed the complete electrical terminal expansion including lighting, power, medium voltage substations, fire alarm and communications infrastructure. Included in the communications infrastructure was a universal voice and data cabling system feeding separate IBM and Wang Data Centers as well as providing interfaces with the Port Authority. The Communications Infrastructure also included a Public Address System and Card Key Security System. The Total amount of low voltage control, signaling and information distribution wiring consisted of 200,000 feet of copper cable distributed to more than 1750 termination points. Performed the complete electrical terminal expansion including lighting, power, medium voltage substations, 150 KW generator, fire alarm and communications infrastructure. Included in the communications infrastructure was a universal voice and data cabling system feeding separate IBM and Wang Data Centers as well as providing interfaces with the Port Authority. The Communications Infrastructure also included a Public Address System and Card Key Security System. The Total amount of low voltage control, signaling and information distribution wiring consisted of 200,000 feet of copper cable distributed to more than 1750 termination points.

Owner: Delta Airlines

Location: JFK International Airport LaGuardia Airport & JFK Cargo Jamaica , NY

Client: VRH Construction Co.

Value: $3,300,000


Complete Lucent certified data installation at Delta NY facilities, JFK Terminals 2 & 3, JFK Cargo Building 67, LaGuardia Airport Shuttle and Flight Center. Our work included the main computer rooms with emergency power, UPS installation, redundant power feeds and complete rack and cable tray installation. New clean power feeds were developed for satellite closets and were linked to the main computer rooms via diverse redundant EMT fiber optic runs. Over 2500 gigaspeed drops were installed utilizing over 90 miles of UTP cable. The majority of work performed in security sensitive active “airside” locations.

Owner: American Airlines

Location: JFK International Airport Jamaica , NY

Client: VRH Construction Corporation

Value: $700,000


Cargo Building #123 at JFK International Airport is American Airlines premier cargo handling facility in the northeast.  E-J won this contract thru competitive bidding after budgeting and value engineering the project for close to one year.

This project involved installing over 120 work stations in a 150,000 square foot facility.  The environment ranged from a controlled office environment to a warehouse environment.  The project included approximately 100 Intelligent work stations and 20 Bar Code Scanning work stations all with SABRE connectivity.

Since the facility is a large single level design, running footage quickly accumulates.  This translates into a critical LAN design.  The data, clean power and grounding specifications had to be closely monitored.  The final design evolved into a single TI Room with 3 satellite closets and 3 concurrent LANS.

One value engineering concept that E-J spearheaded was fiber optics.  E-J engineered the communication system between the TI Room and satellite closets.  Our engineers changed the shielded twisted pair data cabling to a multimode fiber optic cable.  This provided American Airlines a direct up front project savings of 5% and resulted in a more flexible installation.

Carrying the value engineering principles one step further E-J took a critical look at the fiber optic ST connectors.  After evaluating many different connectors in respect to performance (db loss), price, and installation we selected Siecors new no polish, no heat connector.  The connector met performance criterion and lowered project costs even further.

Another value engineering area that was carefully analyzed was raceways.  The protection required by the copper and fiber optic cable differed as the installation environment changed.  Free Air, Cable Tray, Inner Duct, Messenger, EMT and Galvenized conduit were all reviewed.  Free Air, Cable Tray, and EMT were utilized after careful consideration because it provided the maximum cost effectiveness combined with the degree of protection that was actually necessary.

Once work actually began the schedule became a critical concern.  E-J had to combine implementing “State of the Art Technology”, with a compacted schedule.  This project became American Airlines first data/telecommunications project at JFK International Airport to finish on time and below the budget.

Owner: United Nations

Location: 42nd Street & 1st Avenue New York , NY

Client: United Nations

Value: $80,000,000


The United Nations contracted E-J to maintain electrical, electronic, broadcasting and communications systems throughout the New York Headquarters. An engineering staff and a workforce of over 140 electricians and technicians were permanently on site. E-J budgeted all proposed projects and reviewed the design from an engineering standpoint before installation. We varied the size of our workforce to meet changing requirements. Our staff also worked on long term projects and the redesign of systems to improve efficiency and reduce costs. We brought Con-Edison energy saving/rebate programs to the facility and constantly discussed new technology (from lighting controls and premises distribution to simultaneous translation). We continuously deliver multi-faceted projects for the UN. Working in active occupied spaces while minimizing impacts to UN diplomatic and organizational operations.

Owner: USTA

Location: Flushing Meadow Corona Park Flushing , NY

Client: Turner Construction Co.

Value: $12,000,000


The National Tennis Center is the home of the annual US Open Tennis Championship. This project was the expansion and redevelopment of a forty-two acre site with the new 23,000 seat Arthur Ashe Stadium as its centerpiece. Installation of all Low-Voltage Systems including Broadcast TV/Radio, Scoring, Internal Cable TV System, Internal Audio, Voice, and Computer Networking. This project was a turnkey project and included the cabling system as well as the active components. The cable plant consists of over 2.2 million feet (415 miles) of high performance cable with over 80,000 terminations. E-J also designed and implemented a fiber optic network for the entire campus on behalf of the USTA.

Expansion and redevelopment of the USTA National Tennis Center in Flushing Meadows Park, the home of the annual US Open Grand Slam Championship Tournament. The existing site is 17.3 acres and is being expanded by 24.9 acres consisting of a new 23,000 seat Arthur Ashe Stadium, fifteen site courts, nine new practice courts, a new food court and renovations to the existing stadium.

E-J’s scope included the installation of turnkey multi-media systems, covering network (CBS & International) broadcast, internal cable TV distribution, scoring systems and audio capabilities covering telephone, umpire, and scorekeeper announcements. Systems supplied include television head end equipment, remote fiber optic cameras, outdoor high capacity loudspeakers and all electronic equipment.


The broadcast system installed by E-J is used by CBS/USA-TV and all major foreign networks for full coverage of the US Open . The stadium also contains six TV studios, three interview rooms, thirty TV broadcast booths and ten radio broadcast booths. The stadium has full camera coverage with camera platforms. Camera boxes are each equipped with multiple custom-made Triax, Precision Video, Coax, and Audio Cables runback to the teleproduction area. This teleproduction area is linked via a fiber optic network back to a remote satellite up link site.

The site has four show courts with full broadcast capabilities. The show courts also have fixed cameras with a fiber optic link to the TV head end system in the stadium for broadcasters to view on air matches without need for a crew. It is also fed into the internal TV distribution.


The USTA campus contains a dedicated cable TV system. Its’ five miles of Broadband trunk cable & eighteen miles of TV drop cable feed over 1000 TV’s throughout the site with a variety of programming choices. This state of the art 750MHz system is capable of generating over 117 channels from a multitude of sources, including direct feeds from the many cameras placed throughout the stadium, as well as regular broadcast TV, financial news and a variety of movie choices.


The Audio system is comprised of many stand alone sub systems, which are linked together via a computer controlled digital audio matrix custom programmed by E-J. This 15,000 watt system is carried throughout the complex as a second audio program (SAP) distributed on the cable TV system.

In addition, the audio system generates the output for the speech reinforcement of the umpire and scorekeeper on Stadium Court and the show courts. Outdoor loudspeaker systems are used for this and are sized based on coverage area.

The audio system also distributes audio signals for broadcasters use. These signals are umpire, scorekeeper, ambient sound, and interview room feeds.


All courts including Stadium Court are fed back to main scoring computer room in new stadium. Scoreboards are throughout campus. Scores and statistics are relayed to all scoreboards. The Information Display System (IDS) maintains all scores and statistics for all matches including those in progress on site and is updated in real time.

All courts (including stadium) are equipped with clocks, scoreboards and radar guns that tie into scoring system.

Throughout the site PCs tied in to systems can retrieve match statistics on current or past matches.
The scoring system is tied together on the USTA Fiber Optic Network and is the first permanent scoring system of its kind.


Five miles of Fiber Optic Cables tie the entire campus together supporting multiple applications.

E-J designed and implemented this Siecor fiber optic network to support systems including Video, Audio, scoring, point of sale, USTA Intranet and gateway to the internet.


The telephone cable plant, a certified Lucent/AT&T Systimax Structured Cabling System, is fully distributed to the entire campus. The new stadium houses the USTA’s upgraded Northern Telecom PBX system. The stadium will have four telephone closets per level. Riser cabling emanates from the PBX room. Telephone stations are run for back office, media rooms, private suites, broadcast booths and pay phones throughout stadium.

For the site, feeders are run from stadium PBX to hubs throughout site for distribution to field courts, outbuildings, pay phones, teleproduction area, and corporate hospitality areas. All site work is outside plant with power protection on all cable terminations.

This system is cabled to provide over 14,000 telephone lines in its current configuration. This telephone system will support many applications including analog voice (POTS), digital voice, ISDN, IEEE802.3 Ethernet, IEEE 802.5 Token Ring, and RS232D. E-J, a Lucent SCS VAR, has provided the USTA with a fifteen year performance warranty for this cabling plant.

Owner: NYC Board of Education

Location: 108 Amsterdam Avenue New York , NY

Client: Morrison Knudson

Value: $11,000,000


The installation of state-of-the-art auditorium and theatre as final step in completing the country’s leading Performing Arts High School. Work included all stage lighting, control systems, the installation of a 200kW generator to provide power to critical school loads, a fire alarm system and security installation.

Owner: Symphony Space

Location: 2537 Broadway New York , NY

Client: Shamus Henshy & Associates

Value: $515,000


Installation in theatre of data, communications, security, video, audio and dimmer light systems for America’s Leading Community based arts organization. Brought aboard as completion contractor by the owner with six weeks remaining before sold out performances opened. Completed the project for opening night.

Owner: Sempra Energy

Location: 58 Commerce Road Stamford , CT

Client: A.P. Construction

Value: $3,100,000


A 36,000 sq. foot state-of-the-art facility in which we worked with the architect to perform due diligence reports on various sites, assisted the architect and Construction Manager with conceptual budgets, to final design documentation. The trading floor consisted of 94 traders. Each trader location is serviced by twelve four pair UTP category 6 rated cables. The Communications Room is 2100 square feet which contains thirty eight cabinets, network control furniture, Turret PBX, PBX, incoming services and XLBET frames for horizontal cables, inter-rack cables, Turret and PBX tails and a fiber rack for inter-rack cabling. All cabinets contain fiber and copper patch panels. The facility has a raised floor, which contains cable tray for horizontal distribution.

Owner: Lebenthal & Co.

Location: 120 Broadway New York , NY

Client: Lebenthal & Co.

Value: $500,000


A leading Bond Brokerage House where E-J performed complete electrical and communications services including upgrading two facilities which cover more than 120,000 square feet. At 25 Broadway, E-J provided a complete certifiable IBM type II cable plant installation for 225 stations including all racks, patch panels and mau’s. At 120 Broadway E-J designed and implemented an AT&T Certifiable Premises Distribution System (PDS) cable plant. This installation included 350 four pair category 5 plenum cable stations and twelve British Telecom Trading Workstations.

Owner: AT&T

Location: 550 Madison Avenue New York , NY

Client: Crow/Briscoe

Value: $22,000,000


Installed all power, lighting and communication systems for the company’s new 37-story office tower at 550 Madison Avenue. Systems included fire alarm, sound systems, security and emergency power.

Owner: Jewish Community Center

Location: 344 Amsterdam Avenue New York , NY

Client: AMEC Construction Management, Inc.

Value: $10,475,000


New 11-story, 137,000 sq. foot building on southwest corner of Amsterdam Avenue and 76th Street. The new site includes everything from a nursery school, to a senior center, a gymnasium, a swimming pool, exercise facilities, auditorium, banquet facilities, library, photography lab, culinary arts center, teen center and a spiritual contemplation area. The building has eight above ground floors and three levels below ground.

Owner: Metropolitan US Postal Authority

Location: 79th Avenue New York , NY

Client: Crow Construction Co.

Value: $16,000,000


New 800,000 sq. ft. mechanization facility required as an extension of the existing Morgan Station. The project involves a high level of coordination and intense scheduling. Our installation involves a 480 volt Con-Edison service and distribution, lighting, fire alarm, temperature control, security systems and a 400kW generator.

As a member of the design/build team, we continued to evaluate time and cost saving ideas as the construction progressed, completing the project on time and under budget.

Owner: Pace University

Location: Wright Cottage, 861 Bedford Rd Pleasantville , NY

Client: Pace University

Value: $2,700,000


E-J acted as a rrime contractor for general construction items, HVAC work, electrical feeder upgrade for the building, new generator, new distribution and branch circuitry for two new electronic classrooms and upgraded the voice, data and CATV system throughout the building. This fast track project was performed during the University’s Christmas holiday and was complete before the students returned.

Owner: NYC School Construction Authority

Location: 75 Broad Street New York , NY

Client: Sciame Construction Co.

Value: $1,414,396


Millenium High School was a fast track design build project. It was the first High School located in a high-rise building on the 13th floor. Work included general electrical installation, communication, data, fire alarm and 1600, 800& 600 amp distribution boards.

Owner: Greenwich Country Day School

Location: 200 Old Church Road Greenwich , CT

Client: Pavarini Construction Co.

Value: $1,143,151


A multiphase private school renovation and addition. E-J worked with the construction team from the design development stage providing budgeting, scheduling, logistics information and installed a temporary infrastructure system including power, CATV, voice services and fiber optic data services. The project consisted of underground high voltage and secondary feeders, new power, lighting, voice and data communication systems, fire alarm systems, intercom systems, paging systems, scoreboard systems, stage dimming systems, and motorized backboard systems. The work included new classrooms, renovations to existing classrooms, new main entrance, new gathering center/gymnasium, renovations to two existing gymnasiums, locker room renovations, science building renovations and state-of-the-art video conferencing center/computer lab.

Owner: The New York Public Library

Location: 476 Fifth Avenue/42nd Street New York , NY

Client: The New York Public Library

Value: $1,300,000


The New York Public Library is a Landmark Building, built in the 1800’s over the NYC Reservoir. This five story building was the first to have electricity in New York. The building spans from 42nd Street to 40th Street between 5th and 6th Avenue. E-J was responsible for the installation of a new telecommunications cabling system throughout the entire building.

Owner: Port Authority of NY & NJ

Location: 5 WTC New York , NY

Client: Port Authority of NY & NJ

Value: $30,100,000


E-J was Prime Contractor for 34 million-dollar Design/Build/Maintain project for the WTC Security System. The site consists of four buildings on a sixteen acre “footprint”, two major towers of 110 stories, rising to 1,350 feet with each floor consisting of about one acre in area. This design-build security project included: control access to sensitive building areas, access controls to interior building areas, centralize security monitoring and coordination, system redundancy using a Parking Access Control system, CCTV system, Door Access Control system, Intrusion Detection/Alarm system, lobby turnstiles & barriers, visitors desk stations, digital badging, door locking, intercoms, and duress alarms. E-J erected a primary Security Command Center and a backup Security Command Center, Master Computer system as well as Redundant Computer systems including a Communication Network utilizing 1,500,000 feet of fiber optic cable and a backup electrical power supply system. E-J was chosen on a negoitiated basis using technology, long term maintenance, management ability and price as a criteria.

As prime contractor, E-J had the engineer, general contractor and security integrator all working under its supervision.

Owner: NYC Police Department

Location: 150-14 Jamaica Avenue Jamaica , NY

Client: Bovis Construction Co.

Value: $3,200,000


Six floor renovation of Forensic Laboratory including installing security and fire alarm system in the entire building in labs. Multiple technical integrated systems including power, acid control systems, state of the art security and fire alarm system. E-J’s responsibilities included wiring the laboratory’s power, communications, lighting and security systems. To meet its deadlines, E-J’s constant challenge was integrating the many state of the art systems featured in this 21st century criminological facility. E-J’s know how was invaluable in using technology to ensure complete security and reliability of police evidence. Total security is assured by a C-Cure 800 Access Control and Security Management System, building-wide access controls, alarm monitoring, motion detection and closed circuit television monitoring. Interior and exterior surveillance cameras were also installed on this project.

Owner: Triborough Bridge & Tunnel Authority

Location: Whitestone Bridge Bronx , NY

Client: Triborough Bridge & Tunnel Authority

Value: $1,500,000


E-J was the prime contractor on this installation of prototype acoustical monitoring system consisting of acoustical sensors, cabling and processing equipment, 8,000 feet of multi conductor coaxial cable and 102 sensors installed on the bridges support cables at elevations exceeding 300 feet.

Owner: Metropolitan Transportation Authority

Location: 9302 Archer Avenue Jamaica , NY

Client: Parsons Brinckerhoff/Morris Knudsen

Value: $22,600,000


E-J was chosen for our experience, reputation and engineering to perform the electrical installation at the, fifteen acre, Long Island Railroad’s Hillside Car Maintenance Facility. This $22 million time and material contract teamed E-J Electric with the Long Island Railroad, the construction manager, and the engineer in developing the most cost efficient method to complete systems ranging from Robotics to train motion alarm systems. All cost savings were returned to the Long Island Railroad. Their confidence in us was demonstrated by their doubling the original scope of our contract to include the most complex systems.

Specialty items on the job included signal work, train motion detection systems, rail lighting, forty foot high industrial lighting, public address, security, and fire alarm systems, automatic temperature control multiplex system, automated material handling robotics system, conveyer system, certified broadband communication cable, and a complete DC power distribution system including traction, trolley and auxiliary power systems.

Owner: American Museum of Natural History

Location: Central Park West @ 79th Street New York , NY

Client: Morse Diesel International

Value: $800,000


Phase I Services, and Phase II Rose Center for Earth and Space. The project includes: The replacement of the Hayden Planetarium with a state of the art 90 foot diameter spherical Sky theater/Planetarium, addition of an exhibition hall, three story 350 car underground parking garage, a public plaza, new gallery space, restaurant, new public entranceway and portico offices. This state of the art complex includes the latest in fiber optics, audio, video and theatrical lighting control technologies. Also included extensive value engineering with construction manager, architect and engineer. 300 feet of Category 5 cable, 540 data jacks, 100 wall phones, 13,000 feet of fiber optic cable (hybrid 6sm/12mm – 24sm/48mm), 2,000 fiber optic terminations, six UPS Systems, 600 pair voice backbone.

Columbia University Butler Library

Owner: Columbia University

Location: 535 W 114th Street New York , NY

Client: Gazetten Contracting

Value: $9,500,000


Phased renovation to Columbia’s historic central library. All work was performed while maintaining the library’s normal operations. New power and systems were installed throughout the entire building including library areas, stacks and mechanical spaces. New lighting included 4800 architectural and chandelier fixtures. Systems included Fire Alarm, telephones and data.

Owner: Greenwich Academy

Location: 200 North Maple Avenue Greenwich , CT

Client: Turner Construction Co.

Value: $1,966,326


New construction of architecturally significant Upper School Classroom Building for this prestigious all girls school in Greenwich, CT. Specialty lighting using light shafts highlighted this spectacular building. E-J’s work included all electrical installations and communications systems in the three floors of the building.

Owner: Merrill Lynch

Location: 570 Washington Street New York , NY

Client: Merrill Lynch

Value: $1,500,000


E-J installed a complete security system for Towers B & D in the World Financial Center. Other systems included power, lighting, communications and fire alarm.

Owner: Hyperion Solutions

Location: 900 Long Ridge Road Stamford , CT

Client: AP Construction

Value: $1,300,000


A 300,000 sq. foot, campus style, office complex where E-J managed the Voice and Data Communications Plant. This project was Siemon certified with a 15 year warranty. The project consisted of 300 pair copper riser and interbuilding ties for voice applications and fiber optic multimode and Category 5 cable for network interbuilding and data center applications. This fast track project was delivered on time and below budget.

Owner: Sprint

Location: Various, NYC

Client: Conti Construction

Value: $1,200,000


Roof top installation of fifteen PCS sites throughout the NYC Metropolitan Area. The projects included structural steel, power, installation of transmitter, antennae cabling, antennas and extensive grounding and bonding systems.

Owner: Sanford Bernstein

Location: One North Lexington Avenue White Plains , NY

Client: Sanford Bernstein

Value: $600,000


Office space consisting of 92,000 sq. feet on four floors located in White Plains, NY. The communications cable plant consisted of a Lucent Giga Speed cabling solution. The backbone consisted of high pair count copper cables, multiple four pair giga speed UTP cables and fiber optic multimode cable.

Owner: Rutgers University

Location: 77 Halsey Street Newark , NJ

Client: Henderson Corp.

Value: $380,000


Six Story building with two IDF’s on each floor. Installed 4,000 runs throughout the entire building including fiber to every IDF and main voice runs from Main MDF to all IDF’s.

Owner: Brown Brothers Harriman

Location: 63 Wall Street New York , NY

Client: Brown Brothers Harriman

Value: $180,000


Phased renovation of three existing floors. These floors covered over 90,000 square feet and serviced 300 users. E-J installed nearly 100,000 feet of IBM type 1, 2, and 3 cables within a structured cable system. Extremely close coordination was required between the existing tenants, architect, general contractor and E-J. All floors were cut over successfully within a very strict project schedule.

Owner: Montefiore Medical Center

Location: Multi-Building Campus & Montefiore Medical Park Bronx , NY

Client: Montefiore Medical Center

Value: $2,200,00


Two year project encompassing hub facility layout and installation, UPS system installation for main computer center and testing and troubleshooting of over 300 strands of existing fiber cabling. Project also required installation of separate and redundant fiber optic risers throughout the multi-building campus. Installed underground and overhead copper and fiber optic cabling as buildings were added to the facility. At Montefiore Medical Park four hub rooms were required to feed new facility with data and voice.

Owner: Mount Sinai Medical Center

Location: 5 East 98th Street New York , NY

Client: AMEC Construction Management, Inc.

Value: $2,000,000


New eighteen story state of the art research facility consisting of four floors of high density office space, ten laboratory/research floors and two psychiatric patient floors. Mr. Epstein oversaw the installation of the entire voice/data cable plant and technical power for this 850,000 sq. ft. new construction project. The cable plant consisted of over 2000 Category 5 workstations. Voice risers were 900 pair ARMM cables to each floor and data risers where 24 strand Multimode Fiber to each floor. Fiber links to the existing campus consisted of 144 strand multi-mode fiber for voice multi-mode and single-mode for data. Technical power included the installation of a new service, generator power and two redundant 500kVA UPS Systems as well as the distribution of power. Seven PDUs were installed to feed the data center and 17 Telecom closets, and a battery room consisting of over 400 batteries.

Owner: The New York Public Library

Location: 188 Madison Avenue New York , NY

Client: AJ Contracting

Value: $1,500,000


Completed the installation of fiber optic, data, communication and cable television for a state of the art library.