E-J Electric Installation Co.’s Emergency Response Team, First Call, specializes in any electrical emergency situation whenever and wherever you need them.  We are available immediately – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  We are experts in handling electrical and data/com emergencies due to floods, fires and all other infrastructure related disasters. 

 First Call’s experienced team of experts will be on-site with the support of our trained and certified field personnel and fully equipped trucks for any crisis with the latest equipment available through a network of suppliers ready around the clock.  Our reputation speaks for itself with our success record having clients back on line with minimal time loss. 

Emergency Services include:

  • Restoration of Service
  • Switchgear
  • Bus Duct
  • Transformers
  • Generators
  • Feeder Repair, Replacement and Testing
  • Datacom
  • Utility Coordination
  • Infrared Testing
  • Medium and High Voltage Splicing & Welding


When the Northeast suffered the worst storm disaster recorded in American history, E-J crews immediately responded with 25 days of continual support. E-J’s corporate and satellite offices were instantly converted into storm command centers that focused on restoring power as quickly and safely as possible to thousands of homes and businesses. Working around the clock, all of E-J’s divisions teamed together to satisfy the varying needs of our customers and storm victims. A Team of Specialists More than 75 Transmission & Distribution crews assembled in the Hicksville area of Long Island, New York after massive power outages. Our rear-property expertise served as an indispensible asset in the recovery efforts, as much of the work was situated in the backyards of family homes. Crews performed above and beyond, working tirelessly in severe weather conditions with little sleep and cold food to restore power and a sense of normalcy to those affected. The team spent days away from their families to serve the needs of E-J customers, but in the words of one worker, “this is what we do, we are linemen.” We have been deeply appreciative of the countless phone calls and e-mails of gratitude we received from the people we helped.

After heavy winds caused extensive damage in the Rutland, Vermont area, E-J was called upon a few days before Christmas to aid in power restoration efforts. Local area utility provider, Green Mountain Power, expressed concern that they would not fi nd adequate support during the holiday season. However, our Transmission & Distribution crews once again placed their own personal commitments on hold to help those in need. Our dedicated team worked through Christmas Eve to ensure that those who were celebrating the holiday could do so with the lights on.

Saving Christmas in Vermont
A fresh 18 to 24 inches of snow on the ground made the task of reviving individual services monumental. As locations became impossible to access, conventional equipment such as bucket trucks and drigger derricks were rendered useless. Linemen used “old school” techniques, climbing most locations and working with hand tools to complete the job. In the words of our Operations Manager, who escorted the crews to the site, “it’s all worth it, knowing that everyone will have power for the holidays.”

Two days after returning from restoration efforts in Vermont, distribution crews returned to work to revive power in Brewster, New York. When called upon, our crews were ready to fi x the damage caused by the blizzard and the request for restoration support was answered by a positive rally from our troops. Upon arrival in Brewster, the team was once again in the midst of unrelenting snow. Fortunately, damages were not as signifi cant as expected, and the crew was able to restore power in record time, despite the large accumulation of snow. Crews again found comfort in the community support and gratitude expressed by passing motorists who remembered the team’s recent service in response to Superstorm Sandy.

New Year’s Eve Preparation with National Grid
Only days before New Year’s Eve, National Grid’s storm response team again contacted E-J requesting support for a potential event that was anticipated to impact their customers. Crews were placed on-call and mobilized to Westerly, Rhode Island the following morning. Although the storm did not have the impact originally expected, the team spent the next few days replacing poles, reinstalling downed wires and replacing services across the state. Crews completed the restoration before New Year’s Eve, allowing everyone to ring in the New Year with the lights on.