E-J Electric LLC provides electrical installation services throughout the Syracuse area. E-J Electric LLC works within the public and private sectors to provide turn-key, design-build/design-assist and installations of all types from maintenance and service to new construction and modernization of industrial, commercial, heavy power, sporting, hospital and financial institutions as well as transportation, roadways and airports.

Owner: Magnum Properties

Location: Dewitt, NY

Client: Montante Construction, LLC


This new Syracuse 110,000 s/f distribution warehouse for the large e-commerce company is powered by E-J Electric LLC’s installation of a 3000Amp 480Volt main service, a system which is future proofed so a 1600Amp Solar Power system can eventually be installed on the roof. The building includes office space, an extensive conveyor system and a state-of-the-art Data Infrastructure. E-J installs 15kv power grid on site to feed 17 medium voltage switches that will feed individual 2000kva pad mounted transformers for seventeen 3000Amp panelboards. These panelboards will produce the power for charging stations for one of the nation’s first fully electric delivery fleets, a total of 800 electric vans.

Owner: Ultra Dairy LLC

Location: East Syracuse, NY

Client: Ultra Dairy LLC


E-J Electric LLC continuously provides service to Byrne/Ultra Dairy, from miscellaneous electrical work for Byrne Hollow Farm to lighting repairs for the corporate office. Other work includes cooling, such as refrigeration controls, cold storage, and work on the Byrne Dairy Ice Cream Center.

Owner: Tessy Plastic

Location: Auburn, NY

Client: Tessy Plastic


E-J Electric LLC works closely with Tessy Plastics on maintenance for both their Skaneateles office and their Auburn office, a location specifically dedicated to Tessy Medical Products, LLC. Work for Tessy includes security wiring, temperature controls, the addition of pole lights, installation of harmonic filters, and a QC expansion for their Medical Products office.

Owner: Consolidated Precision Products

Location: Chittenango, NY

Client: Ray Fogg Building Methods, Inc.


E-J Electric LLC works as a subcontractor to create the Core & Shell of a 125,000 Metal Casting Plant for Consolidated Precision Products, a company that creates exceedingly complex components for aerospace products.

Owner: Carrier Corporation

Location: New York

Client: Carrier Corporation


E-J Electric LLC has been contracted by Carrier Corp. to provide electrical work on several testing labs as well as working on their Generator Security department.

Owner: Syracuse University

Location: Syracuse, NY

Client: Syracuse University


E-J Electric LLC has a close working relationship with Syracuse University working on multiple buildings across campus. E-J installs control wiring in Link Hall, Campus Classroom Trailers, and the 5th floor of the Life Science building while also completing the installation of a generator in the Chancellor’s House.

Owner: ALDI WareHouse

Location: Tully, NY

Client: ALDI WareHouse


E-J Electric LLC provides electrical services for ALDI Grocery’s 530,991 s/f distribution center in Tully, New York. As a food storage facility, it is imperative when doing electrical work, safety measures are taken to keep stock from perishing by the accidental dropping of power.

Owner: Berry Global

Location: Solvay, NY

Client: Berry Global


Berry Global requires E-J’s services for equipment repair at their 212,442 s/f facility. Berry manufactures rubber and plastic products, and equipment must be kept in excellent order to not delay production.

Owner: Barrett Paving Materials

Location: Jamesville, NY

Client: Barrett Paving Materials


E-J Electric LLC is contracted by Barrett Paving to replace the 34KV transformer at their Jamesville Asphalt Plant.