CPV Woodbridge - 230 KV Switchyard

Owner: CPV Shore LLC.

Location: Woodbridge , NJ

Client: CPV

Value: $69,672,000


The onsite 230kV switchyard connects the power plant to a 4 mile 230kV radial circuit that connects to the grid at the JCP&L Raritan River Substation. The Facility will be connected to Jersey Central Power and Light’s (JCP&L) Raritan River Substation via a four breaker radial switchyard and a single circuit two conductor per phase 230kV transmission line (the Electric Transmission System). The sanitary (wastewater) line will exit the WEC Facility and discharge into the MCUA meter pit, located approximately 2,800 feet away. Plant cooling water (circ water) will be gray water provided by the MCUA facility in Sayreville, N.J. The gray water line will come from MCUA, as an U/G line from the new  pumps (to be installed by others), through the  existing MCUA shafts and tunnel a half a mile under the Raritan River, continuing as an U/G line along the river and into the WEC Facility.

Astoria II - Birds eye view

Owner: GDF/Suez

Location: 17-10 Steinway Street Astoria , NY

Client: SNC Lavalin

Value: $92,000,000


The Astoria Energy Phase II Expansion Project added a new 540MW to the 1000MW facility, consisting of 2 GE Frame 7FA Gas Turbines and 1 GE D11 Steam Turbine Generator. E-J’s complete scope included 345kV overhead lines and GIS switchgear, PDC’s throughout the plant, air cooled condenser, HRSG, GIS bus, fire alarm, and all electrical work for instrumentation. Installation included 100,000 ft of underground conduit, 100 miles of electrical cable and 25 miles of above ground conduit.

E-J supported the EPC contractor with design assist starting 12 months before construction. During the design phase, the EPC contractor’s electrical designers incorporated E-J’s vast power plant knowledge by working hand in hand with E-J’s engineering team at their home office.

Because of the project’s fast track schedule, E-J was tasked to complete the Above Ground Electrical package within 10 months. Due to the compressed schedule and small plot of land, E-J employed “just in time deliveries” and worked multiple shifts in order to meet deadlines.

Owner: Astoria Energy LLC

Location: 17-10 Steinway Stree Astoria, Queens

Client: Shaw Stone & Webster

Value: $57,000,000


A new 500 megawatt highly efficient electric generating facility using state-of-the-art combined-cycle, technology and air pollution control systems. The major equipment includes combustion turbines, heat recovery steam generators, air pollution controls and steam turbines. The facility uses air cooled condensers for the cooling system to significantly minimize water consumption. Natural gas is the primary source of fuel with low sulfur distillate fuel oil serving as a backup fuel for up to 720 hours annually. The Plant, located in the Queens load pocket, utilizes the transmission facilities at the existing Con Edison Astoria East Substation approximately one-half mile from the site to deliver clean, reliable electricity to New York City and the surrounding region.

Owner: Visy Paper

Location: 44-35 Victory Blvd. Staten Island , NY

Client: Visy Paper

Value: $4,200,000


An 850 ton per day recycled paper mill, Visy Paper Project is designed for truck and barge delivered waste paper from New York City. The Process Building including stock preparation, paper machine and reel storage area is 1100 feet long, 80 feet wide and 80 feet high. The project included power (5kV) from substation to 5kV distribution in plant including all 5kV motors, Six unit substations 5kV/480V, two unit substations 5kV/575V, temporary power system, duct bank system, twelve motor control centers, six variable frequency drive motor control centers, installation of all loose shipped motors, installation of 9,000 feet of cable tray, all power conduit and cable, fire protection, All process area lighting and distribution, 5kV service, five substations, MCC’s, 5kV starters and VFD’s (distribution by cable tray).

Owner: DQE

Location: 100 Muldoon Avenue Staten Island

Client: DQE

Value: $7,650,000


New Methane Recovery Plant at the Freshkills Landfill in Staten Island. The electrical installation included two new methane Krysol processing systems and the upgrade of the existing Solexol plant and remote flare stations. The installation consisted of a new 15kV service with associated unit substations, MCC’s and instrumentation. There were eight methane powered generators connected to independently power the processing plant.