Owner: Astoria Energy LLC

Location: 17-10 Steinway Stree Astoria, Queens

Client: Shaw Stone & Webster

Value: $57,000,000


A new 500 megawatt highly efficient electric generating facility using state-of-the-art combined-cycle, technology and air pollution control systems. The major equipment includes combustion turbines, heat recovery steam generators, air pollution controls and steam turbines. The facility uses air cooled condensers for the cooling system to significantly minimize water consumption. Natural gas is the primary source of fuel with low sulfur distillate fuel oil serving as a backup fuel for up to 720 hours annually. The Plant, located in the Queens load pocket, utilizes the transmission facilities at the existing Con Edison Astoria East Substation approximately one-half mile from the site to deliver clean, reliable electricity to New York City and the surrounding region.

NYPA 500MW Poletti Power Plant

Owner: New York Power Authority

Location: 31-03 20th Avenue Astoria, Queens

Client: Slattery Skanska

Value: $82,000,000


The work at the NYPA500 project included the erection, installation and testing of (2) 200MVA GSU, (1) 234MVA GSU and (2) auxiliary transformers, in addition to the installation and testing of (1) isolation transformer and (3) excitation transformers.

Dead end and PT structures along with associated 138kV switches were constructed to connect two of the three GSU transformers to the overhead transmission lines fed from the Astoria West substation. For design diversity, a pothead structure along with the associated switches was assembled to connect the third GSU to an underground 138kV feed which was also derived from the Astoria West ring bus.

The low side of these GSU transformers utilized a field welded 18kV Isophase bus to make the necessary connections to the combustion turbine and steam turbine generators as well as the auxiliary transformers. Power from the auxiliary transformers was delivered to the 4160V switchgear via a 5kV cable bus.

Owner: Florida Light & Power

Location: Far Rockaway, Queens

Client: Foster Wheeler

Value: $6,295,000


E-J was brought into this Peaking Plant project with only 8 weeks remaining when the existing contractor couldn’t perform. Florida Light & Power committed to sell electricity, with financial penalties if the date wasn’t met. E-J mobilized sixty electricians within two weeks, including engineering and project management staff. The 8 week fast track installation of a Pratt Whitney FT-8 twinpack 50-megawatt, gas fired simple cycle peaking unit included turbines, site work, feeders and all associated balance of plant systems. These systems included de-mineralized water, CEM’s, SCR, gas compressor, oily water separators and switchgear from 120V to 69kV. In addition, E-J was also responsible for the installation of site lighting, heat trace, grounding lightning protection, cathodic protection, fire detection and protection, gas detection and all low voltage communication systems such as telephone, CAT 5 and fiber optic WAN/LAN Systems.

Owner: Jamaica Bay Peaking Facility LLP

Location: Far Rockaway, Queens

Client: Florida Power and Light

Value: $5,000,000


The Jamaica Bay Peaking Facility, located South of Jamaica Airport, serves the Long Island Power Autority grid as an additional energy source during high­ energy draw situations. Located on the same site, this plant runs in conjunction with the Bayswater Peaking facility constructed by E-J during the summer of 2002.

E-J also performed the installation of 15kV transmission yard equipment and interface to the Long Island Power Authority (LIPA) transmission lines. The design included bus duct from the station transformer into the transmission yard tower bus disconnect and the associated controls of the SCADA system.

Owner: Montefiore Medical Center

Location: 111 E. 210th Street (Between 205th and Gunhill Road) Bronx , NY

Client: Keyspan Energy

Value: $3,300,000


Cogeneration plant consisting of a 4.5 MW 5kV solar gas turbine generator waste heat boiler. Installation included (1) 5MW and (2) 2MW generators, cooling tower and two chillers. The project included 5kV paralleling switchgear and associated unit substations and MCC’s.

Astoria II - Birds eye view

Owner: NRG

Location: 13th Avenue Astoria, Queens

Client: Shaw Stone & Webster

Value: $985,660


At NRG we replaced a 138kVA to a 13.8kVA transformer. In off peak a transformer shorted out and destroyed all 13.8 feeders and switchgear to Unit #12 G.T. We installed two 100kW transformers because the original was too small and they couldn’t get one large enough. We also installed 138kV bus structure to tie the high side of the transformers together. We installed all new duct work and medium voltage cables from the 13.8kV collector buses back to each of four generator turbines. The job was accomplished in approximately 4 1/2 weeks. Also in this time frame our subcontractor, T. Moriarity & Sons, built a containment around the new units. All new relay wiring and conduits to transformers and collector bus back to relay house was installed. In the relay house an extensive amount of rewiring had to be done to accommodate two transformers instead of one unit.

Owner: Power Development Corporation

Location: 7 Amelia Place Stamford , CT

Client: Power Development Corporation

Value: $322,000


A four week crash installation of 66MW of a mobile gas turbine generator for Power Development Corporation, Northeast Generator required this outdoor peaking unit to meet super load requirements. The three modular trailer mounted GE TM 2500 units were fed using individual ladder trays with covers. The 13.8kV output was stepped up through a 75MVA transformer to 115kV. Other installations included the pumps for fuel storage, all wiring for demineralized water used for emission control, poles, overhead transmission work and spending grid.

Owner: Con Edison

Location: 1st Avenue & 39th Street New York , NY

Client: Con Edison

Value: $2,700,000


Electrical installation of Asea Brown Boveri Turbine including all controls, LAN and 13.8kV Iso phase bus duct and switchgear.

Owner: DQE

Location: 100 Muldoon Avenue Staten Island

Client: DQE

Value: $7,650,000


New Methane Recovery Plant at the Freshkills Landfill in Staten Island. The electrical installation included two new methane Krysol processing systems and the upgrade of the existing Solexol plant and remote flare stations. The installation consisted of a new 15kV service with associated unit substations, MCC’s and instrumentation. There were eight methane powered generators connected to independently power the processing plant.