High Voltage

Owner: Astoria Energy LLC

Location: 17-10 Steinway Stree Astoria, Queens

Client: Shaw Stone & Webster

Value: $57,000,000


A new 500 megawatt highly efficient electric generating facility using state-of-the-art combined-cycle, technology and air pollution control systems. The major equipment includes combustion turbines, heat recovery steam generators, air pollution controls and steam turbines. The facility uses air cooled condensers for the cooling system to significantly minimize water consumption. Natural gas is the primary source of fuel with low sulfur distillate fuel oil serving as a backup fuel for up to 720 hours annually. The Plant, located in the Queens load pocket, utilizes the transmission facilities at the existing Con Edison Astoria East Substation approximately one-half mile from the site to deliver clean, reliable electricity to New York City and the surrounding region.

NYPA 500MW Poletti Power Plant

Owner: New York Power Authority

Location: 31-03 20th Avenue Astoria, Queens

Client: Slattery Skanska

Value: $82,000,000


The work at the NYPA500 project included the erection, installation and testing of (2) 200MVA GSU, (1) 234MVA GSU and (2) auxiliary transformers, in addition to the installation and testing of (1) isolation transformer and (3) excitation transformers.

Dead end and PT structures along with associated 138kV switches were constructed to connect two of the three GSU transformers to the overhead transmission lines fed from the Astoria West substation. For design diversity, a pothead structure along with the associated switches was assembled to connect the third GSU to an underground 138kV feed which was also derived from the Astoria West ring bus.

The low side of these GSU transformers utilized a field welded 18kV Isophase bus to make the necessary connections to the combustion turbine and steam turbine generators as well as the auxiliary transformers. Power from the auxiliary transformers was delivered to the 4160V switchgear via a 5kV cable bus.

Owner: Montefiore Medical Center

Location: 111 E. 210th Street (Between 205th and Gunhill Road) Bronx , NY

Client: Keyspan Energy

Value: $3,300,000


Cogeneration plant consisting of a 4.5 MW 5kV solar gas turbine generator waste heat boiler. Installation included (1) 5MW and (2) 2MW generators, cooling tower and two chillers. The project included 5kV paralleling switchgear and associated unit substations and MCC’s.

Owner: Con Edison

Location: 1st Avenue & 39th Street New York , NY

Client: Con Edison

Value: $2,700,000


Electrical installation of Asea Brown Boveri Turbine including all controls, LAN and 13.8kV Iso phase bus duct and switchgear.

Owner: Consolidated Edison

Location: 401 East 34th Street (East River Promenade) New York , NY

Client: Pirelli

Value: $3,750,000


When 345,000 volt Con Edison cables required repair and replacement, E-J Electric Installation received the call from Pirelli, a leading international manufacturer of high voltage cable. They needed a contractor who had the ability to provide experienced electricians and the corporate agility that such a complex project demanded. The project called for using liquid nitrogen to freeze both ends of a 10″ pipe filled with insulating oil, cutting out pipe sections replacing and splicing the cable. With the new 345kV cable in place, testing was performed and the cable returned to service. Delays were “not an option”.

Owner: United Nations

Location: 42nd Street & 1st Avenue New York , NY

Client: United Nations

Value: $370,000


Replaced Con Edison provided 2500kVA (13.8kV primary/ 120/208V secondary) transformer at United Nations headquarters. Provided 100 ton crane to hoist existing transformer out and hoist the new transformer into the sub-grade vault on United Nations property. The work was complicated by the location (off property on 1st Avenue) of the Con Edison truck delivering and taking away the transformers. Project involved disconnecting and re-connecting primary and secondary conductors as well as performing required “Hi-Potential” testing to Con Edison specifications. Surface grating was removed, modified and re-installed to accommodate the new installation. All work was performed “off-hours” and coordinated to avoid any conflict with ongoing United Nations operations.

Owner: American Airlines

Location: JFK International Airport Jamaica, Queens

Client: VRH/Torcon

Value: $29,000,000


This project was part of the overall redevelopment of the American Airlines Terminal at JFK International Airport. E-J’s scope was the primary service to all 5 substations on the site. In Concourse “C” E-J did all the distribution and entire building fitout. The complete 5kV site work included power to Concourse C and the main terminal. At Concourse C the installation consisted of the S&C 5kV switch, transformers, network protectors, collector bus and (2) 5000 Amp 480 Volt services as well as the installation of Taxi Way Lighting and Control.

Owner: Boston Properties

Location: 5 Times Square New York , NY

Client: AMEC Construction Management, Inc.

Value: $14,500,000


Tight sites for construction projects are not uncommon in New York. More often than not, project teams rise to the challenge. But when that site is landlocked by subway stations on three sides and a landmark theater on another, no room is left for Con Edison vaults below the sidewalks. The project team decided to put the vaults on the 3rd floor of the new, $150 million, 38-story, 575-foot-high, 1.1 million square foot building.

E-J Electric’s team built a complete Con Edison Spot Network within the vaults. This network consists of four 4100-480/277Volt power transformers (with expansion capabilities to six), network protectors and collector bus. E-J ran 5kV power conductors, within concrete-encased five-inch rigid metal conduits that sweep up from behind street level to the 3rd floor.

To deliver base building power E-J installed a lineup of four, 6000Amp service switchgear arrays, feeding four duct risers (one for every nine floors), with tap-offs to transformers. To compensate for the voltage drop experienced at higher floor levels, the bus duct runs are rated at both 4000A and 5000A.

A 1500 watt- rated standby diesel generator provides power for emergency lighting circuits and other vital loads, if utility-supplied power to the building is ever lost.

Combining creativity with technology, a unique façade lighting installation provides dramatic visual identification to this Times Square office tower. E-J Electric also installed an UL-listed lighting protection system for the office tower.

Owner: IAT LLC

Location: JFK International Airport Jamaica, Queens

Client: AMEC Construction Management, Inc.

Value: $34,500,000


The Terminal 4 project included a new 1.5 million square foot Terminal in JFK International Airport. E-J provided all power and lighting, lighting control system, deluge system, metering system and SCADA system. State-of-the-art architectural lighting was placed throughout the terminal. The three level glass walled central terminal building services 35 US and International carriers. There is an 850 foot long retail hall and the top level has a 500×400 departure lobby and 144 check-in positions. There is an 850 foot long retail hall. Special installations were performed for the International and US customs Departments. JFK’s first Air Transit Station inside of a terminal is located between levels.

Owner: Rockefeller Center Management Group

Location: 30 Rockefeller Plaza, Building 1 New York , NY

Client: Philips Rockefeller Center Management Group

Value: $14,000,000


On this ten year, $14 million, upgrade of Rockefeller Center ‘s electrical distribution, we shared a joint engineering office with the consulting engineers and Rockefeller Center Management. All parties worked together to reach the best design and price. E-J’s input started at the outset, when a design was just a concept, and continued through planning scheduling, purchasing and construction.

A typical example of the advantages E-J provided through trade management at Rockefeller Center was our prepurchasing of the 15kV equipment to keep the job on schedule, procure the correct options for this specialized equipment and obtain the best pricing.

We worked with the consulting engineer to produce specifications. Requests for quotation were sent out and analyzed when returned. E-J then had meetings with all vendors to review in detail their quotations and requested final proposal focusing on specific technical details, price and schedule. The result was a manufacturer who met all the technical requirements, construction schedule and budgets of the Center.

To cut two months off the construction schedule, E-J arranged for the consulting engineer, owner and our project manager to fly to the factory in Iowa to sign off on shop drawings. This was critical in making the construction schedule meet tenant requirements.

Owner: Port Authority of New York & New Jersey

Location: World Trade Center Complex New York , NY

Client: VRH Construction

Value: $7,100,000


Project consisted of rigging and setting of (4) 2000kW Caterpillar generator sets on the roof of Building #5. The generators were installed in a new penthouse along with paralleling switchgear, feeder breakers, 3000kW load bank and house load substation. (4) 15kV feeder risers were run down Building #5 to the complex basement. One riser was run up to the 108th floor of each of the Twin Towers . The risers consisted of 5″ rigid conduit with armored 4/0 15kV cable. The other two risers fed cooling water substations. The project also included installation of two tenant emergency substations with connection to tenant transfer switches.

Owner: MTA Bridges & Tunnel Authority

Location: Throgs Neck Bridge Bronx/Queens , NY

Client: MTA

Value: $6,100,000


Completion of the entire electrical system at the Throgs Neck Bridge. The bridge was operated under temporary generator power for 9 months. The 5kV Substation furnished all power to the Throgs Neck Bridge, Operational Building, Toll Complex and Maintenance Facility. Safety requirements included boat patrol during working hours.

Owner: Visy Paper

Location: 44-35 Victory Blvd. Staten Island , NY

Client: Visy Paper

Value: $4,200,000


An 850 ton per day recycled paper mill, Visy Paper Project is designed for truck and barge delivered waste paper from New York City. The Process Building including stock preparation, paper machine and reel storage area is 1100 feet long, 80 feet wide and 80 feet high. The project included power (5kV) from substation to 5kV distribution in plant including all 5kV motors, Six unit substations 5kV/480V, two unit substations 5kV/575V, temporary power system, duct bank system, twelve motor control centers, six variable frequency drive motor control centers, installation of all loose shipped motors, installation of 9,000 feet of cable tray, all power conduit and cable, fire protection, All process area lighting and distribution, 5kV service, five substations, MCC’s, 5kV starters and VFD’s (distribution by cable tray).

Owner: Yonkers Raceway - Timothy J. Rooney

Location: 810 Central Park Avenue Yonkers , NY

Client: Tishman Construction Corp

Value: $7,000,000


This major renovation of Yonkers Raceway includes the Clubhouse, a new 98,000 sq. ft building, new lighting and infrastructure upgrades for the entire site and parking facilities. Project involves the installation of a primary 13kV medium voltage electric service, generators, paralleling switchgear, substations, utility primary switchgear, site ductbanks, manholes and site lighting.

The 97.74 acres racetrack renovation includes 7500 video lottery terminals (VLT), restaurants, theater and parking for 5000 vehicles. The VLT’s are housed in part of the existing casino and new building. The entire facility is backed up by emergency generators. Installation included replacing the four existing #2/0 13kV service feeders with four new #350 kcmil 13kV feeders including manholes. E-J is installing owner furnished double ended primary switchgear, three substations, DC power panels, grounding and all electrical lighting/power within the main switchgear rooms. The entire service, switchgear and switchgear room will be installed to meet all Con Edison requirements. In addition to this work E-J is providing a 750kVA 5kV temporary service to facilitate operation of the track while the permanent feeders are renovated. The temporary feeders will also serve to energize an existing substation in the clubhouse for use as the project’s overall temporary service. E-J is responsible for providing detailed temporary switchgear and service room engineered layouts. Under a separate contract E-J will be installing four owner furnished 2000kW 13kV generators, one prefabricated paralleling switchgear building, seven medium voltage transfer switches, substations for the new building, power feeders, control wiring and interfacing with the new permanent service. The generators will be remotely located in a dedicated yard. We will provide new ductbanks and manholes to distribute power among the entire facility.

Owner: Global Center

Location: 111 8th Avenue New York , NY

Client: Global Center

Value: $2,600,000


E-J Electric Installation Co., was the prime contractor for the installation of (3) 2000kW generators on the rooftop of the old Port Authority of New York & New Jersey Building. E-J subcontracted the mechanical and steel installations and integrated the new emergency power into the existing electrical distribution system.

Owner: American Museum of Natural History

Location: Central Park West @ 79th Street New York , NY

Client: Morse Diesel International

Value: $2,500,000


E-J’s installation included six 13kV vaults and network compartments servicing new Hayden Planetarium and American Museum of Natural History Campus. We also installed four Con Edison transformers with associated switchgear and feeders.

Owner: NYC Dept. of Sanitation

Location: Arthur Kill Staten Island Land Fill Staten Island , NY

Client: Interstate/MJR Electrical Contracting

Value: $300,000


Installed 5kV overhead distribution (3) dressed poles – installed wire and terminated.

Owner: Lasalle Partners Management

Location: 1450 Broadway New York , NY

Client: 1450 Broadway New York , NY

Value: $150,000


Office Building where we replaced two 15kV riser cables

Owner: Reliant Energy

Location: Astoria Power House Astoria , NY

Client: Reliant Energy

Value: $150,000


15kV 750 MCM Cable installed in 5″ rigid conduit. Cable was spliced into existing feeder at Reliant’s power plant in Astoria.

Owner: Rockefeller University

Location: 1230 York Avenue New York , NY

Client: Rockefeller University

Value: $1,200,000


Multiple medical laboratory installations including sensitive ground fault power, coldroom controls, darkroom and surgery lighting, and fire, security, and computer networking systems. Installation of outdoor substation including 1000kVA transformer to provide emergency backup for critical loads.

Owner: Port Authority Bus Terminal

Location: New York, NY

Client: VRH Construction Corporation

Value: $2,600,000


E-J Electric is a preferred contractor as a result of their workmanlike efforts and dependability. All work at the PABT has to be precisely coordinated with the facility so bus service and passenger comfort and safety is not impacted. E-J has been involved in a number of high profile projects beginning with the ADA Gate Modification Project.  This two year facility-wide project included 106+ gates and has enabled the PABT to become ADA compliant. The Motor Stair Entrance Renovation on the main level was designed specifically to make passenger stairways safer and more efficient for all commuters departing and arriving through the installation of new lighting and the renovated fire alarms system. The renovation and new build-out of the tenant restrooms was designed to provide improved lavatory facilities for public access and transportation personnel. This project included lighting, power, HVAC, and control work. Our signature project has been the replacement chiller project. E-J’S medium voltage scope of work consisted of installing four new chillers and starters. The installation included 5kV feeders to the new 4th floor chiller plant. The 3rd floor plant was reconfigured which dictated a careful blending of new and old circuiting. Large additions to the base building fire alarm system, CCTV, and an extensive intricate control work was performed on the low voltage systems.