Hurricane Sandy Projects

Owner: NYU

Location: 1st Ave between 30th & 34th Streets Manhattan , NY

Client: Turner Contruction Co.

Value: $9,024,091


Immediately after Hurricane Sandy, E-J provided and installed a full complement of temporary generators and infrastructure to facilitate temporary power & light for restoration activities to begin.  E-J was a partner in the Design/Build process, employing engineers, project managers and over 100 electricians working 24×7 to restore power in three weeks.  E-J worked with a national switchgear manufacturer to provide switchgear in multiple facilities in five days.  Installation included nine 4000Amp Services and one 2000 Amp Service as well as temporary wiring to all new or refurbished VFD’s, control panels for duplex and triplex motors, and rewired all new motors.  E-J removed existing Motor Control Centers, replaced with new and pulled all branch circuits and feeders in conduits below grade.  E-J also provided an engineering solution for a new 4000AMP temporary switchboard to serve feeders from existing switchboards compromised by water.  E-J worked with Con-Ed to provide a temporary feeder from the network protectors and concurrently ordered new switchboards for replacement of the compromised equipment.  On behalf of NYU Facilities and Operations, E-J installed the new switchboards and transfer feeders from the temporary switchboard to the new switchboards; and provided distribution panels, transformers, power panels, automatic transfer switches and associated feeders to re-position both normal and emergency power around the campus on a continuous double shift of over 100 electricians 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.

Owner: NYC Health & Hospitals Corp

Location: Roosevelt Island , NY

Client: NYC Health & Hospitals Corp

Value: $16,800,376


Coler-Goldwater Specialty Hospital is a 2016-bed chronic care facility on New York City’s Roosevelt Island that provides services such as rehabilitation and specialty nursing.  Four buildings at the facility were damaged during Hurricane Sandy including six electric services, which E-J replaced.  These services were installed in new locations above the flood plain as a preventative measure for the future.  E-J was awarded this Design/Build project that requiring a 78 day completion, which we brought in 7 days early.

4 NY Plaza

Owner: Edge Fund Advisors LLC

Location: Manhattan , NY

Client: Henegan Construction

Value: $5,596,986


E-J responded to an emergency call to 4 New York Plaza to survey, repair, and prepare for green sticker occupancy. All of the switchgear rooms were submerged by ocean water which left the building without power.  Manpower was provided around the clock, supplying both temporary and emergency equipment meeting every owner deadline. Following green sticker occupancy E-J was awarded a design assist project consisting of five 4,000A services7MW of generation consisting of diesel and turbine paralleling systems, multiple UPS systems designed as 2N with STS for tenants.

Owner: 90 Broad LLC

Location: Manhattan , NY

Client: Jones Lang LaSalle

Value: $2,236,796


27-story office building, in the financial district of New York City, affected by complete flooding from Hurricane Sandy.  All electrical distribution equipment was located in sub-basement and was completely destroyed by 40+ feet of water.

Phase I which E-J completed included the installation of a generator and temporary distribution switchboard to feed two building bus ducts.  Bus duct switches were added to feed loads not already being fed from them.  The overall goal was to re-feed all tenant services except cooling.

Phase II included the installation of two new 4000 Amp ConEd services.  Service 1 feeds the temporary distribution switchboard and Service 2 feeds the house bus duct, giving capacity to bring up the cooling load for the Spring/Summer Season.

Phase III is the design of the permanent infrastructure.  E-J is a partner in the design work along with the Owner, Architect and Consultants.

Phase IV is the installation of all new service and distribution equipment above the flood line, and restoration of all below grade spaces.  This work includes  the installation of two new Con Edison 4000 amp services, associated distribution equipment, (2) 4000amps busducts and cutover of building loads from interim equipment to permanent.  It also includes changing over all temporary work installed to get the building open and operational to a permanent installation.

Owner: Chelsea Piers Management

Location: Pier 62 Manhattan , NY

Client: Chelsea Piers Management

Value: $2,031,541


Upon arrival at Chelsea Piers, E-J (and it’s testing subcontractor), cleaned and put back in service 2-4000A service switchboards, while simultaneously evaluating and ordering replacement electrical equipment for four major electrical distribution rooms throughout the complex.  Three of these rooms were completely rebuilt, including the complete relocation of one electric room to the 2nd floor to limit the facilities exposure in the event of another flood event in the future.  In a 2nd location, a replacement 500kva transformer was installed on a 16’ high steel platform, and the remaining equipment was raised by 12”.  Lastly, E-J helped determine a location for a replacement Main Service Switchgear and 4’ high platforms were installed in the Main Service room.

Owner: NYC Housing Authority

Location: Various NYCHA Housing throughout City of NY

Client: NYC Housing Authority

Value: $2,723,896


E-J responded to an emergency call by New York City Housing Authority to survey and repair 29 public housing buildings in Coney Island and 70 public housing buildings in lower Manhattan, as needed. All locations experienced some type of damage due to flooding from Hurricane Sandy, including some of the switchgear rooms being submerged by ocean water which left the buildings without power. Through a coordinated effort with LIRO Group, HAKS, NYCHA, Army Corp of Engineers and E-J, generators were located to get the buildings back on temporary power to re-feed the resident apartments, boilers, elevators, trash compactors and other life safety systems.

Owner: Veteran’s Health Administration

Location: 423 East 23 Street Manhattan , NY

Client: Mona Electric


E-J responded to the VA Hospital to perform emergency work, following Hurricane Sandy, to connect an owner provided generator to bring electrical services back on line to start repairs and restoration.

E-J performed major temporary work in replacement of feeders providing power to the hospital’s critical loads such as Fire Pump, Jockey Pumps, Domestic Water Pumps and Egress and Ingress Lighting.

Owner: Manhattan Place Condo

Location: Manhattan , NY

Client: Manhattan Place Condo

Value: $214,517


E-J’s emergency response included the complete restoration of 2-4000A service line ups to re-energize the building.

Owner: Port Authority

Location: New York , NY

Client: Skanska/Picone

Value: $501,605


Hurricane Sandy filled the Governors Island vent building for the Battery Tunnel with 13 stories of contaminated seawater. E-J, working with John Picone, a major NYC mechanical contractor, made emergency repairs to the pumping system to allow for the complete dewatering of the building and replacement of the dewatering capability required for the safe operation of the tunnels. The work expanded to the cleaning of electrical components and restoration of controls and instrumentation and the replacement of portions of the conduit and cable for house power, normal and emergency lighting.

Location: New York , NY

Client: NYC DOT

Value: $487,468


The Staten Island ferry terminal experienced up to 7 feet of water on all the boat dock slips and 2-4 feet inside the maintenance level of the terminal, as a result of Hurricane Sandy.  The restoration work involved the replacement of all of the interior distribution boards with 208V and 480V distribution equipment ranging from 400 Amps to 1200 Amps.

Owner: Resnick Seaport LLC/Jack Resnick and Sons Inc.

Location: New York , NY

Client: Resnick Seaport LLC/Jack Resnick and Sons Inc.

Value: $7,447,620


Located at the entrance to the historic South Street Seaport the 35 story, 1.1 million square feet tower was inundated with flood waters due to Hurricane Sandy. All electrical distribution equipment, generation, and fuel oil systems were completely destroyed.

Acting as the prime contractor, E-J is building new spaces on the 3rd and 4th Floors to relocate equipment that was previously in the subcellar. The scope includes, but is not limited to, four new 4000A Con Ed Services, emergency generation, fuel oil systems, Electro-magnetic field protection, and all architectural details relating to the project.

All work has to be carefully planned and executed, to prevent interruptions, as the building is fully occupied. All work has to be staged and moved from existing temporary services to the newly installed equipment.

Owner: Verizon

Location: Manhattan , NY

Client: Tishman Construction Corp.

Value: $6,980,424


Restoration of permanent power to 17 story Verizon building in financial district of New York City due to sever damages caused by Hurricane Sandy.  Phase I includes the relocation of all critical service and distribution equipment to above flood plain up to 2nd floor.  The building will have enough generator power to stay fully operational on any loss of utility.  Phase III focuses on intercepting and rerouting existing feeders to the new switchgear locations on Level 2 and to expand Verizon’s Power Rooms for future growth.  E-J will also provide building maintenance throughout the duration of the project.

85 Broad St

Owner: MetLife

Location: 85 Broad Street New York , NY

Client: Jones Lang Lasalle

Value: $13,500,000


Restoration of permanent power to 31 Story Class-A Office building in financial district of New York City due to severe damages caused by Hurricane Sandy.  Work includes relocation of all critical 480V service including distribution equipment to above flood plain, up on 2nd floor.  This building will have enough generator power to stay fully operational on any loss of utility.  E-J is working as the General Contractor and is responsible for all Electrical, Structural, Architectural, HVAC, Plumbing, Sprinkler, Masonry and Concrete work.