Utility Vaults

Owner: Consolidated Edison

Location: Consolidated Edison

Client: Consolidated Edison

Value: $3,500,000


The Grasslands Substation project called on E-J Electric to provide the complete “above grade” electrical package. The work within this scope included the rigging and placement of switchgear, a complete 3000A/4500A bus duct system, installation and termination of all control and power cables, placement and wiring of all control room equipment, (2) 500kVA station power transformers, complete fire alarm system, complete public address/paging system and completion of two 138kV/13.8kV transformer bays which included welding of cable bus, installation and adjustment of circuit switchers and circuit interrupters and all 125VDC control devices.

The station was completed on an aggressive schedule, made challenging by one of the areas most severe winters. This was the first time that Consolidated Edison Co. contracted this complete scope of work.

Owner: Consolidated Edison/Silverstein Properties

Location: 7 WTC New York , NY

Client: Tishman Construction

Value: $2,950,000


E-J prepared, at 7 World Trade Center, the space for the Con Ed utility substation including five 138kV transformers. The work consisted of providing temporary service of 4,000 amps for initial and future phases of construction. E-J also installed nine miles of conduit for medium-voltage and high-voltage distribution duct banks and installed 8-ft by 8-ft horizontal ground plates with cad-welded conductors as well as ground rods, to provide complete building lightning protection and grounding system. All grounding was tested to exacting Con Edison “Fall of Potential” specifications.

Owner: NYC Development Corporation

Location: 140-58th Street Brooklyn , Brooklyn

Client: Turner Construction Co.

Value: $1,900,000


Installation of (6) 27kV vaults and network compartments servicing Brooklyn Army Terminal including (3) 2500kVA transformers with associated collector bus, network protectors, switchgear and feeders, ventilation control and alarm systems.

Owner: ATCO Properties & Management Inc.

Location: 80th Street & Cooper Avenue Glendale , NY

Client: Plaza Construction

Value: $4,750,000



E-J Electric was the prime contractor for the complete structural, mechanical and electrical installation for the thirteen acre site’s main power distribution including Con Edison utility vaults.

The installation required routing 27kV Con Edison feeders underground to (4) 2000kVA transformers feeding network protectors bussed directly to 480 Volt switchgear.

The distribution across the site is a 480 Volt system via ductbanks and manholes. The longest feeds utilized (2) 5kV unit substations in a step-up step-down configuration.

Owner: Korean Airlines

Location: Building 260 JFK International Airport Jamaica , NY

Client: Turner Construction Co.

Value: $1,400,000


E-J’s installation included dual 5kV building utility feeds, site lighting, communications and power feeds as well as feeds for airplane ground power units for the entire site including Cargo Building, future Cargo Building and surrounding airside work. The work also included ten manholes throughout the site.

Owner: American Airlines

Location: JFK International Airport Jamaica, Queens

Client: VRH/Torcon

Value: $29,000,000

American Airlines

This project was part of the overall redevelopment of the American Airlines Terminal at JFK International Airport. E-J’s scope was the primary service to all 5 substations on the site. In Concourse “C” E-J did all the distribution and entire building fitout. The complete 5kV site work included power to Concourse C and the main terminal. At Concourse C the installation consisted of the S&C 5kV switch, transformers, network protectors, collector bus and (2) 5000 Amp 480 Volt services as well as the installation of Taxi Way Lighting and Control.

Owner: Boston Properties

Location: 5 Times Square New York , NY

Client: AMEC Construction Management, Inc.

Value: $14,500,000


Tight sites for construction projects are not uncommon in New York. More often than not, project teams rise to the challenge. But when that site is landlocked by subway stations on three sides and a landmark theater on another, no room is left for Con Edison vaults below the sidewalks. The project team decided to put the vaults on the 3rd floor of the new, $150 million, 38-story, 575-foot-high, 1.1 million square foot building.

E-J Electric’s team built a complete Con Edison Spot Network within the vaults. This network consists of four 4100-480/277Volt power transformers (with expansion capabilities to six), network protectors and collector bus. E-J ran 5kV power conductors, within concrete-encased five-inch rigid metal conduits that sweep up from behind street level to the 3rd floor.

To deliver base building power E-J installed a lineup of four, 6000Amp service switchgear arrays, feeding four duct risers (one for every nine floors), with tap-offs to transformers. To compensate for the voltage drop experienced at higher floor levels, the bus duct runs are rated at both 4000A and 5000A.

A 1500 watt- rated standby diesel generator provides power for emergency lighting circuits and other vital loads, if utility-supplied power to the building is ever lost.

Combining creativity with technology, a unique façade lighting installation provides dramatic visual identification to this Times Square office tower. E-J Electric also installed an UL-listed lighting protection system for the office tower.

Owner: American Museum of Natural History

Location: Central Park West @ 79th Street New York , NY

Client: Morse Diesel International

Value: $2,500,000


E-J’s installation included six 13kV vaults and network compartments servicing new Hayden Planetarium and American Museum of Natural History Campus. We also installed four Con Edison transformers with associated switchgear and feeders.