E-J Electric

“The Go To Company”

Where Safety and Quality are Unsurpassed

As the Nation’s Leading Family Owned Electrical Contractor, we are proud of the personal commitment we bring to each of our Projects. We safely deliver reliable, innovative, unparalleled performance on time and on budget.  

We provide Operational Excellence through six critical initiatives:

  1. A Culture of Safety so that our most important assets go home safely every night.
  2. Innovative Solutions through Prefabrication, Engineering, and Technology.
  3. Best Practices and Adaptable Processes.
  4. Dynamic Communications with Clients and Staff.
  5. Active Recruitment and Training for the Top Talent in the Industry.
  6. Strategic Growth Supporting our Clients’ Electrical Needs, with a Focus on Large and Complex Projects and Specialty Service Work.

We continuously strive to make E-J the best place to work, which includes a commitment to Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, and green practices.  E-J is looked upon as a leader of our industry and a model for success.

“Our Third Century of Excellence”