E-J’s transmission and distribution team of seasoned professionals assist some of the largest utilities in the country in implementing turnkey solutions on major projects.  With an emphasis on safety, productivity and quality, we develop long, trusting relationships with our clients that are the cornerstone of our organization.

Transmission & Distribution Services

  • Overhead and Underground Transmission Lines
  • Overhead and Underground Distribution Lines
  • Substations
  • Emergency Restoration Assistance
  • Complimenting Services
    • Renewable Energy Initiative
    • Engineering


E-J’s team of experienced individuals are capable of overseeing any size transmission project for voltages through 765kV.  From bundled conductor to multi-circuit structures, we have the skill sets required to complete the most intricate projects.  Additionally, our industry partners assist with:

  • Environmental Concerns
  • Helicopter Work
  • Caisson and Rock Drilling Requirements
  • Infrared Inspections


E-J performs both energized and de-energized distribution line services.  Our expertise in overhead and underground installations, combined with our construct-ability and engineering services, provides customers with the adaptability required in a ever-changing energy market.  Our specialized groups perform defined tasks, such as:

  • Pole Installation and Removal
  • Conductor Installation
  • Cutout Replacement
  • Transformer Replacement
  • Grounding
  • Service Replacement and Repair
  • Street Lighting Replacement
  • Fault Locating
  • Vault Repair
  • Trenching and Conduit Installation
  • Cable Splicing


E-J self performs the construction of new or replacement substations from concept and design to engineering and final construction.  Below are a variety of diverse deliverables we offer our customers:

  • Engineering and Constructability Reviews
  • Ground Grids
  • Switchgear Installation
  • Site Work
  • Foundation and Pad Installations
  • Gas Insulated Switchgear
  • Transformer Work
  • Bus Work
  • Control Wiring
  • Trenching and Conduit Installation
  • Schedule Maintenance

Emergency Restoration Support

For three generations E-J has provided support services for emergency events.  When time is of the essence, you can count on E-J for:

  • Qualified Two-Person Crews
  • Specialized Pole Crews
  • Fully Tooled Vehicles
  • Service Crews
  • Safety Supervisor
  • Field Supervision
  • Expedited, Detailed and Accurate Billing
  • Detailed Time Sheets
  • No Alcohol Policy (24/7)

Valued Added Service

Renewable Energy Initiatives

E-J has supported renewable energy initiatives from the onset.   We proactively keep these initiatives at the forefront of our deliverable and strive to lead by example when it comes to green technology and the protection of our environment.

Engineering & Constructability Services

From the state-of-art 3D software to award winning design systems, E-J’s engineering staff compliments our other multi-faceted deliverables in a fashion that is unparalleled in the industry.

Health & Safety

We believe that the effective management of health, safety and wellness is essential to the operation of a successful business.  Employees are expected to participate in all phases of our Safety & Health Program and to conduct their daily tasks in a manner consistent with its objectives.   Management and supervision are responsible for ensuring employees are trained to perform work safely, to abate safety hazards and to report and investigate mishaps and potential hazards in the workplace.  E-J’s preemptive safety measures include:

  • Safety Education Training, General and Specialized
  • Information Access
  • Defined Management and Supervisor Roles and Responsibilities
  • Public Safety Impact
  • Proactive Safety Procedures
  • OSHA Requirements
  • Emergency Training
  • Hazardous Materials Training
  • Tailboard and Job-Specific Discussions
New Dover Substation

Owner: PSE&G

Location: 778 New Dover Road Edison , NJ

Client: PSE&G

Value: $3,280,890


A 138/13.8kV Class H substation with two substation transformers supplied by two overhead transmission lines O-1315 and W-2249.

Half the substation (the 138kV bay) shall be upgraded to 230kV.  Scope also includes the removal of all 138kV equipment and structures and the upgrading of the bay associated with Substation Transformer T1 to 230kV.

Owner: Astoria Energy LLC.

Location: 17-10 Steinway Street Astoria , NY

Client: SNC Lavalin

Value: $8,900,000


The new substation located on the Con-Ed Poletti site provides the interface point between the new Astoria II Power Plant and NYPA. A 345kV aerial transmission line feeds gas-insulated switchgear (GIS) arranged in a ring-bus configuration with four circuit breakers (with provisions to accept two additional feeders). The ring bus serves Con-Ed high pressure fluid filled feeders via overhead aerial cables and bus located in the adjacent switchyard. Two 150MVA shunt reactors were relocated from the decommissioned Poletti Generating Station and installed in the new switchyard.  In addition to installing all the GIS and switchyard power distribution equipment, E-J also installed all associated controls, instrumentation, and metering.

E-J’s scope also included a complete fit-out of all building services including lighting, power, mechanical, BMS, security, fire alarm and communications.  Due to environmental remediation of the soil, the project schedule was compressed to include peaking at 120 electricians with 2 shifts a day, 7 days a week.

Owner: Pepco

Location: Millington MD to Townsend , DE

Client: Delmarva Power & Light

Value: $6,600,000


This project is one of the largest transmission projects released by Pepco in 2013 and involved the work necessary to rebuild the existing Church – Townsend 138kV transmission line, Circuit 13833. The project consists of the replacement of the existing 138 kV transmission structures 1 through 15 and 230 through 308  between Townsend Substation (New Castle County, Delaware) and Church Substation (Queen Anne’s County, Maryland). The rebuilt line will be renumbered starting with structure 1 outside of Townsend Substation to structure 92 outside of Church Substation.  The new structures were offset from the existing transmission structures 65 ft. to minimize outage time. Structures 1 through 3 were rebuilt in-line as delta braced post structures. The remaining tangent structures were rebuilt as a single steel pole line with tangent structures having suspension insulators on steel davit arms. The existing structures along the existing line were removed after project completion. The line was rebuilt as a single circuit utilizing direct embedded weathering steel poles and self-supporting weathering steel poles on anchor bolt foundations.  The H-Frame structures were then removed and discarded per pre-set environmental guidelines.

Three (3) of the ninety-two (92) structures were single circuit tangent structures with 230 kV line braced post insulators in a delta configuration. Two (2) of the ninety-two (92) structures were single circuit 3-pole dead-end structures that utilized thru vangs to dead-end the conductor and OPGW shield wire. Eight (8) of the ninety-two (92) structures were single pole dead-end structures that utilized thru vangs to dead-end the conductor and OPGW shield wire (where specified). The dead-end structures were done using 230 kV suspension insulators. Seventy (70) of the ninety-two (92) structures were single circuit tangent structures with 230 kV suspension insulators on steel davit arms. Nine (9) of the ninety-two (92) structures were single circuit strain structures in a delta configuration on steel davit arms with 230 kV suspension insulators.  The conductor was 1590 45/7ACSR Lapwing.  The static wire was AFL fiber optical ground wire (OPGW) AC-85/638 0.638” diameter, specification DNO-7199.  The ADSS is 48 count fiber.

Iberdrola Homer City Generation Station

Owner: Iberdrola USA – NYSEG

Location: New York to Pennsylvania

Client: Iberdrola USA

Value: $3,500,000


The Homer City Bulk Power Interconnection Complex between NYISO and PJM, owned and operated by NYSEG, consists of two individual 345-KV circuits, supported mainly by wooden H frame structures located in Pennsylvania which are approximately 303 miles in total length. The 30 and 37 Lines run on a common right of way for approximately 30 miles from their source at Homer City Generating Station (near Indiana, PA.), before branching off in different directions. These lines run from Southwest Pennsylvania into South Central and Western New York State. The 30 Line runs from Homer City Generating Station to Watercure Substation in Elmira NY. The length in Pennsylvania is approximately 169 miles. The 37 line runs from Homer City Generating Station to Stolle Rd. Substation in Lancaster NY. The length in Pennsylvania is approximately 142 miles. Additionally, the 37 Line runs for 6.4 miles through NYSEG territory in Alleghany County, NY.

CPV Woodbridge - 230 KV Switchyard

Owner: CPV Shore LLC.

Location: Woodbridge , NJ

Client: CPV

Value: $69,672,000


The onsite 230kV switchyard connects the power plant to a 4 mile 230kV radial circuit that connects to the grid at the JCP&L Raritan River Substation. The Facility will be connected to Jersey Central Power and Light’s (JCP&L) Raritan River Substation via a four breaker radial switchyard and a single circuit two conductor per phase 230kV transmission line (the Electric Transmission System). The sanitary (wastewater) line will exit the WEC Facility and discharge into the MCUA meter pit, located approximately 2,800 feet away. Plant cooling water (circ water) will be gray water provided by the MCUA facility in Sayreville, N.J. The gray water line will come from MCUA, as an U/G line from the new  pumps (to be installed by others), through the  existing MCUA shafts and tunnel a half a mile under the Raritan River, continuing as an U/G line along the river and into the WEC Facility.

PSEG Kearny Peak

Owner: PSEG

Location: Kearny , NJ

Client: PSEG

Value: $42,087,000


Installation of (6) six new General Electric LM-6000 PC Sprint aero-derivative gas turbines with SSS Clutch, and balance of plant facilities operating in simple cycle mode. Upgrade will provide an additional 300-megawatts of power to the neighboring communities during the peak demand periods and subsidize the base load plants.  Other installations include medium voltage switchgear and cabling, control and instrumentation systems as well as lighting, heat trace, lightning protection and security systems.

PSEG New Haven 150 MW Peaking Plant

Owner: PSEG

Location: New Haven , CT

Client: PSEG

Value: $22,770,000


Installation of (3) three GE LM6000 Natural Gas Turbine Peaking Plants.  The plant was designed to provide an additional 150 mega-watts of power to the neighboring communities during the peak demand periods and subsidize the base load plants.  Other installations include medium voltage switchgear and cabling, control and instrumentation systems as well as lighting, heat trace, lightning protection and security systems.

NYPA 500MW Poletti Power Plant

Owner: New York Power Authority

Location: 31-03 20th Avenue Astoria, Queens

Client: Slattery Skanska

Value: $82,000,000


The work at the NYPA500 project included the erection, installation and testing of (2) 200MVA GSU, (1) 234MVA GSU and (2) auxiliary transformers, in addition to the installation and testing of (1) isolation transformer and (3) excitation transformers.

Dead end and PT structures along with associated 138kV switches were constructed to connect two of the three GSU transformers to the overhead transmission lines fed from the Astoria West substation. For design diversity, a pothead structure along with the associated switches was assembled to connect the third GSU to an underground 138kV feed which was also derived from the Astoria West ring bus.

The low side of these GSU transformers utilized a field welded 18kV Isophase bus to make the necessary connections to the combustion turbine and steam turbine generators as well as the auxiliary transformers. Power from the auxiliary transformers was delivered to the 4160V switchgear via a 5kV cable bus.

Owner: Jamaica Bay Peaking Facility LLP

Location: Far Rockaway, Queens

Client: Florida Power and Light

Value: $5,000,000


The Jamaica Bay Peaking Facility, located South of Jamaica Airport, serves the Long Island Power Autority grid as an additional energy source during high­ energy draw situations. Located on the same site, this plant runs in conjunction with the Bayswater Peaking facility constructed by E-J during the summer of 2002.

E-J also performed the installation of 15kV transmission yard equipment and interface to the Long Island Power Authority (LIPA) transmission lines. The design included bus duct from the station transformer into the transmission yard tower bus disconnect and the associated controls of the SCADA system.

Owner: Consolidated Edison

Location: 95 Grasslands Road

Client: Consolidated Edison

Value: $3,500,000


The Grasslands Substation project called on E-J Electric to provide the complete “above grade” electrical package. The work within this scope included the rigging and placement of switchgear, a complete 3000A/4500A bus duct system, installation and termination of all control and power cables, placement and wiring of all control room equipment, (2) 500kVA station power transformers, complete fire alarm system, complete public address/paging system and completion of two 138kV/13.8kV transformer bays which included welding of cable bus, installation and adjustment of circuit switchers and circuit interrupters and all 125VDC control devices.

The station was completed on an aggressive schedule, made challenging by one of the areas most severe winters. This was the first time that Consolidated Edison Co. contracted this complete scope of work.

Owner: Consolidated Edison

Location: 401 East 34th Street (East River Promenade) New York , NY

Client: Pirelli

Value: $3,750,000


When 345,000 volt Con Edison cables required repair and replacement, E-J Electric Installation received the call from Pirelli, a leading international manufacturer of high voltage cable. They needed a contractor who had the ability to provide experienced electricians and the corporate agility that such a complex project demanded. The project called for using liquid nitrogen to freeze both ends of a 10″ pipe filled with insulating oil, cutting out pipe sections replacing and splicing the cable. With the new 345kV cable in place, testing was performed and the cable returned to service. Delays were “not an option”.

Owner: Consolidated Edison/Silverstein Properties

Location: 7 WTC New York , NY

Client: Tishman Construction

Value: $2,950,000


E-J prepared, at 7 World Trade Center, the space for the Con Ed utility substation including five 138kV transformers. The work consisted of providing temporary service of 4,000 amps for initial and future phases of construction. E-J also installed nine miles of conduit for medium-voltage and high-voltage distribution duct banks and installed 8-ft by 8-ft horizontal ground plates with cad-welded conductors as well as ground rods, to provide complete building lightning protection and grounding system. All grounding was tested to exacting Con Edison “Fall of Potential” specifications.

Owner: NYC Development Corporation

Location: 140-58th Street Brooklyn , Brooklyn

Client: Turner Construction Co.

Value: $1,900,000


Installation of (6) 27kV vaults and network compartments servicing Brooklyn Army Terminal including (3) 2500kVA transformers with associated collector bus, network protectors, switchgear and feeders, ventilation control and alarm systems.

Owner: Astoria Energy LLC

Location: 17-10 Steinway Street Astoria, Queens

Client: Shaw Stone & Webster

Value: $13,000,000


The project included 3,600 LF of 138kV transmission line from the Astoria Energy 500MW Power Plant to the Consolidated Edison Astoria East Substation.

The line consisted of 4 spans of double-circuit 1590 MCM ACSR overhead transmission line conductor on tubular steel towers and 1,700 LF of 12 – 2000 MCM solid die-electric cable (2 cables per phase) double-circuit encased 138kV underground transmission.

Both the overhead line and duct have provisions for a future circuit to be added.

A notable feature were the side by side 108′ tall transition towers where the overhead conductor was terminated and connected to the underground cable using 12 G&W oil-filled 138kV potheads.

Owner: Korean Airlines

Location: Building 260 JFK International Airport Jamaica , NY

Client: Turner Construction Co.

Value: $1,400,000


E-J’s installation included dual 5kV building utility feeds, site lighting, communications and power feeds as well as feeds for airplane ground power units for the entire site including Cargo Building, future Cargo Building and surrounding airside work. The work also included ten manholes throughout the site.

Owner: Visy Paper

Location: 44-35 Victory Blvd. Staten Island , NY

Client: Visy Paper

Value: $4,200,000


An 850 ton per day recycled paper mill, Visy Paper Project is designed for truck and barge delivered waste paper from New York City. The Process Building including stock preparation, paper machine and reel storage area is 1100 feet long, 80 feet wide and 80 feet high. The project included power (5kV) from substation to 5kV distribution in plant including all 5kV motors, Six unit substations 5kV/480V, two unit substations 5kV/575V, temporary power system, duct bank system, twelve motor control centers, six variable frequency drive motor control centers, installation of all loose shipped motors, installation of 9,000 feet of cable tray, all power conduit and cable, fire protection, All process area lighting and distribution, 5kV service, five substations, MCC’s, 5kV starters and VFD’s (distribution by cable tray).

Owner: Global Center

Location: 111 8th Avenue New York , NY

Client: Global Center

Value: $2,600,000


E-J Electric Installation Co., was the prime contractor for the installation of (3) 2000kW generators on the rooftop of the old Port Authority of New York & New Jersey Building. E-J subcontracted the mechanical and steel installations and integrated the new emergency power into the existing electrical distribution system.