A Lasting Legacy

E-J’s leaders are a guiding force that inspires our team to perform for our clients to their full potential. We foster innovation that drives our organization’s continued success and navigate the ever changing business landscape with strategic acumen.
E-J Electric, established in 1899, has consistently embraced emerging electrical technologies and their practical applications. Our unwavering commitment to innovation has propelled our growth and success, setting us apart as a versatile company offering services ranging from bulk power delivery to energy conservation, and from value engineering to computer networking for new and existing structures. Our expertise spans a spectrum, ensuring dependable, economical, and state-of-the-art installations tailored to each client’s unique needs.


Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Mann continues the tradition of three generations of hands on leadership at E-J Electric. Electrical Engineering and Graduate Management education combined with extensive industry experience has made him an industry leader. 

Under his leadership, E-J has completed over $10 Billion in leading electric construction projects including:



Mr. Lambraia has over 30 years’ experience in the industry. As a graduate engineer, he specializes in complex/high-tech installations which has allowed him to serve in various capacities including estimating, engineering and project management.

As President, he is responsible for multi-divisional oversight on project management and job control, field installation with forepersons and owners, supervision of engineering, weekly jobsite meetings and purchasing major equipment. Prior to his current role, he served as Chief Operating Officer.


PE – Executive Vice President

Tom Kregel, PE, is a 29-year veteran at E-J and he brings decades of insight and leadership to our firm and the clients we serve. He oversees Power & Renewables, Clean Energy, Hudson Valley, Healthcare, Engineering, Prefabrication, T&D, and Open Delta Electrical Testing. Tom ensures that all operational and administrative resources are in place to meet the needs of projects and address the concerns of our clients. He is responsible for the strategic planning of the E-J divisions and for the development of new opportunities. Tom’s insights enable him to oversee all facets of our business to ensure our projects are on time and on budget.


Executive Vice President

Alan Lang is a 42-year veteran in the electrical industry, 10 years at E-J. He oversees Major Projects, Transit, Transit Signal, all Technology Divisions, and E-J Electric Long Island. Alan reviews the entire project lifecycle, from preconstruction to completion, for various types of complex projects across the tri-state area. He has extensive skills in project bidding, value engineering, project estimation, and fast track construction, which enables E-J to deliver high-quality and cost-effective solutions for our clients. Alan works closely with different clientele, from public agencies, and commercial developers to private business owners, to help them achieve their project goals and visions. His mission is to provide exceptional service, innovation, and leadership in aspects of the electrical construction field.


Executive Vice President

Dave Ferguson, a 10-year veteran at E-J with over three decades of industry experience, together with E-J’s Senior Management Team he develops the strategy and a comprehensive business plan for the organization. He oversees E-J’s Roadway and Outdoor Specialty, Purchasing and Warehousing. He also oversees additional business units including E-J Energy, E-J Electric LLC in Syracuse, Rossi Electric in Rhode Island, and CS Companies in Arizona. Dave provides oversight, direction and support to the project management teams. He leads, oversees, and participates in the conceptual development of projects and oversees the organization, scheduling, budgeting, and execution. Dave ensures that the E-J teams achieve the client goals while meeting expectations and delivering projects on time and within budget.