Owner: Mt. Sinai Hospital

Location: 101st Street & Madison Ave New York , NY

Client: Bovis Lend Lease LMB, Inc.

Value: $60,000,000


E-J is the Electrical Trade Manager working as a team with Bovis Lend Lease, SOM, JBB and the Owner firstly in a pre-construction role. During this initial period, we work closely with the design team to provide electrical value engineering and cost control for the final design.

During the construction segment of the project, E-J will manage the electrical construction which will include a primary distribution system, complete normal and emergency power systems, the complete hospital interior which also includes the teledata work, fire alarm, security and audio visual systems. We intend to secure the services of approximately five electrical contractors, all MBE and WBE concerns, to perform the work. E-J will coordinate and overview these subcontractors during the entire construction


E-J was selected from three finalists to perform the completion of this project in the pre-construction value of $65 Million.  We performed all the engineering required for the project and prepared bid documents to solicit bidders.  Seven subcontractors, of which 4 were an MBE or WBE, were selected for the project.  Through our project management efforts, engineering and field coordination we saved in excess of $6 Million for our client.

Astoria II - Birds eye view


A 500 megawatt highly efficient electric generating facility that uses state of that art combined-cycle, technology and air pollution control systems.  The major equipment includes combustion turbines, heat recovery steam generators, air pollution controls, and steam turbines.  Air cooled condensers are used for the cooling system to significantly minimize water consumption.  The project uses natural gas as its primary source of fuel with low sulfur distillate fuel oil serving as a backup fuel for up to 720 hours annually.  Located in the Queens load pocket the plant utilizes the transmission facilities at the existing Con Edison Astoria East Substation approximately one-half mile from the site to deliver clean, reliable electricity to New York City and the surrounding region.  E-J was brought on the team 6 months before construction began.  Our engineers worked with the client’s engineers to value engineer the project.  The complete engineering on parts of the project includes the temporary power, underground and transmission distribution.

Atlantic Yards


Relocation of Long Island Rail Road Brooklyn train yard to make way for new Barclays Center.  E-J’s responsibilities include budgeting, estimating; long lead material purchasing, installation and compliance with Local Enterprise and M/WBE requirements.  E-J has successfully exceeded Local Enterprise and M/WBE requirements.  Under E-J administration 100% of the installation is being performed by a Local MBE contractor.


E-J was entrusted to provide the trade management services for the $25 Million project for our experience, engineering expertise and reputation for their Hillside Car Maintenance Facility.

Owner: Rockefeller Center Management Group

Location: 30 Rockefeller Plaza, Building 1 New York , NY

Client: Philips Rockefeller Center Management Group

Value: $14,000,000


On this ten year, $14 million, upgrade of Rockefeller Center ‘s electrical distribution, we shared a joint engineering office with the consulting engineers and Rockefeller Center Management. All parties worked together to reach the best design and price. E-J’s input started at the outset, when a design was just a concept, and continued through planning scheduling, purchasing and construction.

A typical example of the advantages E-J provided through trade management at Rockefeller Center was our prepurchasing of the 15kV equipment to keep the job on schedule, procure the correct options for this specialized equipment and obtain the best pricing.

We worked with the consulting engineer to produce specifications. Requests for quotation were sent out and analyzed when returned. E-J then had meetings with all vendors to review in detail their quotations and requested final proposal focusing on specific technical details, price and schedule. The result was a manufacturer who met all the technical requirements, construction schedule and budgets of the Center.

To cut two months off the construction schedule, E-J arranged for the consulting engineer, owner and our project manager to fly to the factory in Iowa to sign off on shop drawings. This was critical in making the construction schedule meet tenant requirements.

Owner: Bronx Lebanon Hospital

Location: 1650 Grand Concourse Bronx , NY

Client: AMEC Construction Management, Inc.

Value: $14,100,000


As Electrical Trade Manager of this $120,000,000 new construction and renovation project, the E-J team started involvement when drawings were 60% complete. They worked toward a GMP with engineers, architects, and construction managers, developing cost savings of 2.5 million dollars to bring the project under budget for the financially burdened hospital center.

Continuing responsibilities included letting all contracts and monitoring the fulfillment of minority goals for tradesmen, suppliers, and contractors. In the process E-J maintained the quality of the end product. From design through construction, E-J offered value engineering based on our extensive installation experience.