Buses & Ferries

Owner: New York Department of Transportation

Location: 1 Richmond Terrace Staten Island , NY

Client: New York City Economic Development Corp.

Value: $21,100,000


A new terminal known as the “Gateway to Staten Island” includes a wide range of shops and restaurants, an outdoor plaza, expanded commercial areas, skylight, terrazzo flooring and two observation decks. It provides improved transportation connections to the ferry, bus, train, and cars. Design included redundancy in the chiller and boiler plants, as well as (2) 5kV electric substations serving independent electric feeds into the facility. Each feed supports the entire facility through double-ended switchgear. The chillers/boilers can utilize both gas and oil and include an emergency generator back-up. Systems installed include dynamic signage, public address, CCTV, and fire alarm. A large steel “Arch Canopy” connecting the terminal to St. George Esplanade and a glass curtain wall exterior provide a view to New York Bay.

Owner: NYC Department of Transportation

Location: College Point New York , NY

Client: Colonia Insurance

Value: $3,200,000


E-J was awarded a lump sum completion project by Colonia Insurance to replace the existing contractor. The bus maintenance and Service facility for the Department of Transportation consisted of central office and bus cleaning facility, refueling and total maintenance garage, CNG bus refueling plant, and outside lighting. The project included two complete buildings with separate 2000 Amp service and distribution including overhead distribution installation, connection and testing of all maintenance equipment, Public Address system, fire alarm system, security system, and lighting.

Owner: Port Authority Bus Terminal

Location: New York, NY

Client: VRH Construction Corporation

Value: $2,600,000


E-J Electric is a preferred contractor as a result of their workmanlike efforts and dependability. All work at the PABT has to be precisely coordinated with the facility so bus service and passenger comfort and safety is not impacted. E-J has been involved in a number of high profile projects beginning with the ADA Gate Modification Project.  This two year facility-wide project included 106+ gates and has enabled the PABT to become ADA compliant. The Motor Stair Entrance Renovation on the main level was designed specifically to make passenger stairways safer and more efficient for all commuters departing and arriving through the installation of new lighting and the renovated fire alarms system. The renovation and new build-out of the tenant restrooms was designed to provide improved lavatory facilities for public access and transportation personnel. This project included lighting, power, HVAC, and control work. Our signature project has been the replacement chiller project. E-J’S medium voltage scope of work consisted of installing four new chillers and starters. The installation included 5kV feeders to the new 4th floor chiller plant. The 3rd floor plant was reconfigured which dictated a careful blending of new and old circuiting. Large additions to the base building fire alarm system, CCTV, and an extensive intricate control work was performed on the low voltage systems.